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Section 3226 - Title IV, Article 65, Part I

Sec. 3226. Farm work permits.

  1. A farm work permit may be issued to a minor fourteen or fifteen years of age authorizing employment in farm service.
  2. A farm work permit also may be issued to a minor over twelve years of age for employment in assisting in the hand work harvest of berries, fruits and vegetables pursuant to paragraph e of subdivision two of section one hundred thirty of the labor law.
  3. To obtain a farm work permit a minor shall present to the issuing officer the following:
    1. Evidence of age;
    2. Written consent of the parent or guardian; and
    3. A certificate of physical fitness.
  4. Such permit shall be valid only when signed by the employer and subject only to the condition that it shall not be valid for work in or in connection with a factory.
  5. A farm work permit shall not be required for the employment of a minor sixteen years of age or over in farm service.
Last Updated: March 13, 2009