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Records Retention and Disposition Schedule ED-1

Sections Relevant To Attendance Record Keeping

  1. [44]  Student's attendance record (register), including but not limited to each student's name, date of birth, names of parents or guardian, address, and daily attendance, absence and tardiness
    1. All attendance records created prior to 1928, including "Attendance registers" used between 1895 and 1928, in booklet form provided by the State Office of Public Instruction, later State Education Department (these booklets also contain the school census, trustees' annual reports, registers of visitors, and other information) - Permanent
    2. "Attendance registers" used from 1929 to the present, in booklet form provided or approved by the State Education Department. NOTE: If annual or bi-annual lists of students are not available for certain school years, school districts and BOCES may wish (but are not required to) to retain post-1929 attendance registers for those years in their place to provide students' names. If separate student lists are available, school districts and BOCES may wish to retain some (examples) of the detailed post-1929 attendance registers anyway, for use in historical research or in teaching with historical records projects. Contact SARA if you would like additional information on this subject. - 6 years
    3. c.  Detailed attendance data contained in electronic format in student information systems, or maintained as system output - 6 years
  2. [45]  Student's attendance exemption record, including but not limited to request for and certificate specifying reason for and duration of exemption - 0 after student attains age 21
  3. [46]  Student's absence record, including but not limited to parent's excuse, investigation report, and record of attendance at religious observance or education - 1 year after end of school year
  4. [49]  Attendance reports and other summary attendance records, NOT containing detailed information on individual absences
    1. Annual or bi-annual attendance report - 6 years

      NOTE: Appraise these records for historical significance prior to disposition. Records with historical value should be retained permanently.

      NOTE: Annual reports containing attendance information submitted to the State Education Department for State aid reimbursement purposes are covered by item 123 in the Fiscal section, Claims & Warrants subsection.

    2. Periodic reports and other records used to complete annual or bi-annual report - 1 year
Last Updated: December 9, 2011