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The information presented on this page covers student, parent and school and responsibilities in school attendance, the content of pupil attendance records, the identification of problems and initiation of appropriate actions for improvement and the development of school attendance policy.

A Matrix Including Key Laws and Regulations Regarding Attendance - many of the legal reference listed in the Matrix are the part of the law that we thought were most pertinent to readers.  Those who would like to see the laws in their entirety should use the link to Consolidated Laws of New York

NYS Codes, Rules, and Regulations are now on-lineExternal Link A search engine linked to 8 NYCRR that uses natural language to find education rules

Student Registration Guidance (pdf 49.49 KB)

Commissioner's Regulation - Section 104.1  The full attendance regulation. All public and nonpublic schools are required to have a Board of Education approved Attendance Policy that outlines all expectation associated with student attendance from kindergarten registration to graduation. A comprehensive attendance policy should be integrated with all other policies that effect a student's right to instruction e.g., discipline, code of conduct, suspension,safety, tutoring, alternative instruction, school assignments, residency, field trips, extra-curricular participation etc.

Questions and Answers on the Attendance Regulation

School Attendance (Power Point Presentation 110 KB)

Attendance Incentives

Assistant Commissioner Butterworth's field memo: "New Regulations on Pupil Attendance"

The Science of Residency Determinations - 2013  (Power Point Presentation324 KB)

Attendance Listserv Discover how to share attendance information with others and request feedback on attendance issues

Last Updated: October 24, 2014