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Standards for Printing Employment Applications, Certificates and Permits (for School Supply Companies)

Education Law 3215-1(3) states that the Commissioner of Education, subject to the approval of the Commissioner of Labor, shall approve all forms, certificates and permits used for the purpose of employing minors in New York State.  A sample COPY of each application, certificate or permit can be viewed by clicking each form:

  • AT-12 - Child Model Permit - As of November 20, 2013, child models who live or work in New York State are covered by the Labor Law and regulations as Child Performers.

  • Child Performer Employment Permits are issued by the New York State Department of Labor (online applicationexternal link)

  • AT-17 - Application for Employment Certificate

  • AT-18 - Non-factory part-time employment certificate (14-15 year olds) (front / back)

  • AT-19 - General part-time employment certificate (16-17 year olds) (front / back)

  • AT-20 - Full-time employment certificates (16-17 year olds) (front / back)

  • AT-21 - Limited employment certificates (front / back)

  • AT-22 - Application for employment permits

  • AT-23 - Newspaper Carrier Permit - (11-18 year olds) (front / back)

  • AT-24 - Farm work permit  - (14-15 year olds) (front / back)

  • AT-25 - Farm work permit - Special (12-13 year olds) (front / back)

  • AT-26 - Street Trades Permit (front / back)

Certificates and Permits

Beyond printed content and format, all certificates and permits with the exception of the model permit shall maintain the following paper qualities (particular attention should be provided to determine if the stock which is currently used to print certificates and permits is consistent wit the Scott index):

  • Sulphite Index 110 pound paper

  • Size 3 3/4 x 5" with square corners

  • Scored centerfold

  • Scott Index for color

  • AT-18 - Blue

  • AT-19 - Green

  • AT-20 Salmon

  • AT-21 Cherry

  • AT-23 Buff

  • AT-24 Canary

  • AT-25 White

  • AT-26 Ivory

Applications AT-17 and AT-22:  Beyond printed content and format, all applications shall maintain the following paper qualities:

  • 20 pound sulfide bond paper

  • white color

  • 8 1/2 x 11 inches

Please note that copies of each of the applications AT-17 and AT-22 have been mailed directly to Secondary school principals.  This may reduce the number of orders you will receive for purchase of these items.  Should you have any questions concerning the physical characteristics of employment papers or the appropriate printed content, please see the NYS  Department of Labor - Working PapersExternal link website.

Additionally, the section of the labor law that allows 12 and 13 year olds to do hand harvesting work on farms was modified.  The new language expands beyond the summer months the time during which such work an be done.  This change necessitated a revision of the Farmwork Permit - Special (AT-25).  Please adhere to the following standards for its printing:

  • Scott Color Index (white)

  • Sulphite Index 110 pound paper

  • Size 3 3/4 x 5" with square corners

  • Scored center fold

Last Updated: February 21, 2018