Educational Design and Technology

Strategies to Leverage Aid for Technology Purchases

This field guidance was developed to assist school and district administrators with strategies to leverage State and Federal aid to make technology purchases that support the implementation of the Common Core Learning Standards, including personalized learning and next-generation assessments that leverage computer-based testing (CBT). This guidance helps address:

  • Needs based on data collected and entered into the NYSED Technology Readiness Tool.
  • Preparation for a larger technology-based approach to teaching and learning.

A transition to personalized learning and computer-based testing requires thoughtful consideration of strategic technology integration in the local instructional program. Such integration supports 21st-century resource use by students and teachers, which in turn leads to stronger preparation for CBT. Considerations for integration include:

  • Implementation of the New York State P-12 Common Core Learning Standards (CCLS);
  • Use of Data-Driven Instruction and inquiry (DDI) to guide practice and decision-making; and
  • Use of a comprehensive Teacher and Leader Effectiveness (TLE) system.

This guidance is divided into six sections to assist administrators in working with stakeholders in the school community, and with current technological capacity and infrastructure to support and strengthen a technology-rich learning environment.

Technical Support
Professional Development
Curriculum and Instruction
Funding Sources

Last Updated: April 2, 2015