Educational Design and Technology

Funding Sources

State Aid

  1. BOCES Aid can be used for a variety of expenditures related to technology integration in learning, teaching, and assessing, including the implementation of computer-based testing (CBT). Details of each CO-SER are available in the BOCES Administrative Handbook, updated November 2010. (Page numbers below refer to pages in the Handbook.)

Funding for Technology

  • Instructional Technology Service #6360- computer-based services for instructional activities. A shared service which may be used to acquire technology, but the technology acquired through this service would be BOCES owned.
  • Computer Service: Management #7710 - provides computer-based service using either central or distributed processing for fiscal management, state reporting or educational management activities (pp. 293-296). (Note: This CO-SER is for services purchased from a Regional Information Center.)

Funding for Professional Development

  • Model Schools Technology Planning and Implementation Process #6368 - services to help teachers learn about and apply instructional technology in the classroom, including planning, curriculum development, staff development and evaluation.
  • Computer Education Coordination #6120 - services to support district activity by providing professional assistance, advice, supervision, or leadership, including staff development (p. 161).
  • Staff Development: Certified & Administrative #6261 - shared service designed to improve the skills of teachers, administrators, or other instructional/instructional-certificated personnel (p. 262).
  • Staff Development, Other #6262 - shared service designed to improve the skills of teachers, administrators, or other instructional/instructional support personnel (p. 264).

Funding for Curriculum and Instruction

  • School/Curriculum Improvement #6211 - services designed to strengthen instruction, raise standards, improve curriculum and assessment practices and build capacity at local levels (pp. 179, 253).
  • Curriculum Development #6210 - shared service designed to improve school district instruction through cooperative creation of curriculum materials and related staff development (p. 251).
  • Computer Instruction #5930 - provides shared itinerant service in Computer Instruction to two or more school districts (p. 150).
  • Computer Programming #3174 - provides shared itinerant service in Computer Instruction to two or more school districts (p. 242).
  • Computer Support # 6366 - provides services and functions associated with district-owned computers or unaided BOCES-owned computers (p. 242).
  • Computer-Based Guidance # 6364 - provides a computer-based information system used to help pupils make higher education or career decisions (p. 240).
  • Planning, Instructional #6212 - shared service that provides participating districts with assistance in the development of internal planning processes, and planning skills and/or the development of plans and recommendations in areas of specific concern related to instruction (p. 257).


  1. State Building Aid
  1. Technology Aid
  • Computer Administration AidPortable Document Format icon (478 kb) [Section 3602(10) (c) of the Education Law], (2012-13 Estimated Aid = $37.9 million) (p. 29) — Aid for approved expenses for data processing by large city school districts and any other school districts that are not part of a BOCES.
  1. Professional Development Aid can be used for a variety of expenditures related to a broader integration of technology for learning and teaching.
  1. Curriculum and Instruction Aid also supports a variety of expenditures related to a broader integration of technology for learning and teaching.

In September 2012, NYSED released a field memorandum, State Textbook Aid for the Reproduction of the New York State Common Core ELA/Literacy and Mathematics Curriculum ModulesExternal link icon. A summary of this memo:

The Department has received numerous inquiries from school districts wishing to download and use the NYS Common Core ELA/Literacy and Mathematics curriculum modules posted online at http://engageny.orgExternal link iconand apply State Textbook Aid towards the cost of reproducing the materials for classroom use.

Districts that choose to reproduce the New York State Common Core ELA/Literacy and Mathematics curriculum modules may claim the expenditures for reproduction for State Textbook Aid. The reproduced materials must be for use as a textbook. Any Textbook Aid generated because of these expenses will be a part of the district’s maximum allotment, not in addition to the district’s maximum allotment.

Please note: State Aid can be complex and differ from category to category. State Aid may be partial, limited or formula-based reimbursement for qualified expenditures. Each funding source may contain restrictions to allowable expenditures. Please review the details of specific State aid categories in the current State Aid Handbook prior to any application submission.

State Grants

  • School District Performance Improvement AwardsPortable Document Format icon (478 kb) (p. 50) - $250 million was provided in the 2012-2013 funding cycle for a School District Performance Improvement Awards program, whereby competitive grants are awarded to school districts which demonstrate significant measurable improvements in academic achievement and student outcomes, and have implemented strategies that have the most potential for continued improvements in student performance, narrowing student achievement gaps and increasing academic performance in traditionally underserved student groups. Funding for 2013-2014 is to be determined.
  • Learning Technology Grant - Program to provide funding for progressive integration of technology in classrooms and library media centers and sustained professional development in the use of instructional technology. Funding for the 2012-2015 program has been awarded.
  • Race to the Top (RTTT) grants from NYSED include:
    • School Innovation Fund Grant (SIF) Round 2 - to increase high school graduation, college and career readiness of high school graduates, college persistence, and college graduation rates by increasing the availability of new high quality seats for students at most risk for dropout, disengagement, and poor academic performance.
    • Virtual Advanced Placement® (VAP) Program - to develop the capacity of local school districts and other eligible applicant entities to provide virtual learning (online and blended) Advanced Placement® (AP®) coursework to eligible students.
    • Strengthening Teacher and Leader Effectiveness - to encourage and support eligible districts to develop, implement and/or enhance a comprehensive systems approach to recruitment, development, retention and equitable distribution of effective teachers and school leaders.

Federal Aid (E-Rate)

  • NYSED E-Rate Program Information - ensures that all eligible schools and libraries have affordable access to modern telecommunications and information services.
  • NYS E-Rate CentralExternal link icon - provides consulting, compliance, and forms processing services to E-rate applicants.

Federal Grants

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