Educational Design and Technology

Professional Development

Professional development is most effective when it is job-embedded, directly relevant to classroom practice, and sustained over time. Professional development is also most effective when it provides an opportunity for practice of new strategies, time to reflect on changes, and time to integrate new learning into the teaching practice. Please see New York State Professional Development Standards Portable Document Format icon ( 63.3 KB).

To support the greater use of technology to enhance teaching and learning and the transition to computer-based testing (CBT), professional development should include the following components:

  • Training on the effective uses of technology to support differentiated instruction (e.g., the best ways of using a SmartBoard to deliver and support instruction).
  • Training on the use of technology to provide new and different approaches to teaching and learning (e.g., using technology to provide personalized learning for students).

Professional development should include adequate resources (e.g., money, people, and time). NYSED administers a number of State and Federal programs that Districts and BOCES may use to support ongoing, sustained professional development on technology integration. These programs include BOCES shared services agreements, CO-SERs and aid; State Aid programs; and Federal grants.

For more information on funding for professional development, please see Funding Sources.

Last Updated: January 18, 2013