Educational Design and Technology

Grant Funding for EdTech Programs

Federal Grants

  • ARRA EETT FundsĀ 
    The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 (ARRA) provides funds ($55.6 million) to New York State for the Enhancing Education Through Technology  (EETT) Program to support the efforts to improve student academic performance and promote transformational change in our school system through effective use of technology.  The focus of the ARRA EETT Program is to turn around schools, improve students’ academic performance, and promote transformational change in teaching and learning with four program priorities. The competition for the ARRA EETT Grants was closed on 3/26/2010 and the final winners were announced at: http://www.p12.nysed.gov/technology/programs/ARRA_EETT_list.html.
  • EETT/TitleIID
    As a part of the No Child Left Behind (NCLB) Act. Title II, Part D - Enhancing Education Through Technology is designed to promote technology integration into teaching and learning. The Title IID/EETT funding has been distributed to LEAs in two categories:
    • Allocation Funds
      Around 50 percent of the Title II, Part D funding has been distributed to LEAs based on the formula used for Title I Part A funds. The allocated Title IID funds is to improve student academic achievement through the use of technology in elementary and secondary schools.
    • Competitive Grant
      The other 50 percent of Title II, Part D funding has been awarded as competitive grants to some of the most high need school districts or consortia with the focus to improve students’ academic performance in the core subject areas of English language arts, mathematics, science and technology literacy through effective use of technology in the process of teaching and learning.
  • E-Rate Discount Program
    The Education Rate or commonly known as "E-Rate," is the Schools and Libraries Program of the Universal Service Fund and designed to provide discounts to assist most schools and libraries in the United States to obtain affordable telecommunications and Internet access.

State Grants

  • Learning Technology Grant (LTG)
    The state-funded LTG program awards $3.2 million to sixty-four projects, annually. The purpose of the Learning Technology Grant (LTG) program is to improve student academic performance in relation to the New York State learning standards with a particular focus on mathematics and English Language Arts (ELA) , and science through the integration of educational technology in Pre-K-12 classroom activities.
  • Teacher Resource and Computer Training Centers external link
    Teacher Centers, established by the New York State Legislature in 1984, is designed to to provide systematic, ongoing professional education services to the State's teachers with significant focus on effective use of technology in classroom teaching and learning.
Last Updated: September 11, 2012