Model Schools 6368

Date Issued: 6/1/98 Year Effective: 98-99



Class/Division: Instructional Resources (23) PSN Range: 501-599

Type Student: N/A Level: N/A

Delivery Method: Central Service

Time Period: July-June (43)

Location: BOCES Center (11), District Classroom (12), Other, Specify (13)



BOCES operates a service entitled the Model Schools Technology Planning and Implementation Process designed to help teachers learn about and apply instructional technology in the classroom. Activities provided as part of the service include planning, curriculum development, staff development and evaluation.





Compliance with applicable laws and regulations, the general guidelines, and the following specific standards is required:





A service plan must be submitted with the initial application for approval. The service plan must describe: the service provided, the role of BOCES staff in the management and operation of the program, the role of consultants and/or contract services in the provision of the program, the basis on which participants are billed, and the following additional elements.

Separate project descriptions must be included for the base activity and each additional activity, e.g. staff development, conducted under this service.



A base activity, which includes the costs of BOCES planning, management, technical support and leadership, must be part of the overall service. This base activity must provide for a minimum BOCES professional staffing level of 1.0 FTE for each 25 participating districts.

Each district participating in the service must purchase the base activity in order to be eligible for BOCES aid. A district participating via cross-contract must show evidence of support of a base activity sponsored by the BOCES of which it is a component or a neighboring BOCES.





Two or more participating districts must share each activity.

BOCES may not provide staff development activities in which participants are eligible for credit.

Implementation of the use of technology must be done through an appropriate CO-SER, e.g., 6360 Instructional Technology.

Each BOCES operating a 6360 Instructional Technology CO-SER must also operate a 6368 Model Schools CO-SER.

Each BOCES operating a 6360 Instructional Technology CO-SER and a 6368 Model Schools CO-SER must have a professional staff expenditure totaling at least 15 percent of the combined budgets, with a minimum of 5 percent in each.





Expenditures for individuals participating in an activity conducted as part of this service are eligible for BOCES aid if the following conditions are met.

Expenses eligible for aid are limited to meals, lodging and transportation;

The activity is attended by individuals from two or more participating districts;

The activity is conducted within the geographic confines of the BOCES; and

The activity is not part of a Superintendent's conference day.




Expenditures for stipends for teachers or for substitutes will be eligible for BOCES aid if the following conditions are met.

The expenses incurred are related to attendance at activities composed of participants from two or more districts;

Stipends are uniform for all participants and are paid in a uniform manner to be agreed upon by BOCES and participating districts; and

Payment for substitutes is initially made by participating districts and reimbursed by BOCES.




Expenditures for consultants are eligible for BOCES aid if the following conditions are met.

BOCES can demonstrate that qualified employees are not available;

Consultants do not assume BOCES responsibility for operation and management of the program;

Individual activities, e.g. workshops, individual residential programs, etc., are less than 15 days in length;

Consulting services by an individual or firm in excess of 90 days within one school year are justified in writing; and

Consulting services are provided to two or more districts in one of the following ways:

-to an audience composed of participants from two

or more school districts; or

-individually, as an extension of services previously

provided to an audience composed of participants

from two or more school districts; or

-individually, upon written demonstration that the

activity has a logical relationship to the overall





Expenditures for hardware or software included in this budget will not be eligible for aid.

Annual evaluation data for the preceding year must be filed with the BOCES Unit by October 1.


Service Delivery Standards

For School/Curriculum Improvement Services

A service delivery standard is the basis for consistent operation of a shared service to insure that school districts are receiving shared service in an equitable align="center" manner using standardized procedures.

All school improvement service delivery standards should have content which covers a minimum of the following four components:

1. Statement of BOCES governance

The standards will state BOCES responsibility for:

a. development, management, control, and follow-up of school improvement services including determining nature of service and means of service delivery consistent with law, regulations and guidelines;

b. establishment of regional service delivery standards;

c. provision of assistance to local school district officials to design and develop their professional staff development program, including readiness assessment;

d. provision of a forum in which a variety of tested models for school improvement may be presented and considered; and,

e. maintenance of records of the progress of individual districts in creating and implementing district plans.

2. Statement of district expectations

The standard will indicate district responsibility for:

a. defining local service needs;

b. establishing of planning team(s);

c. affecting, through participation in regional school improvement advisory groups and needs assessment, development of the school improvement service models including service options, delivery modes and pricing; and,

d. making a public commitment, through use of fiscal, staff and other resources to improvement of instruction, instructional management and increase of local accountability and to demonstrate that commitment through the development and publication of a district plan for school improvement.



3. Service Delivery Standards

Service delivery standards shall be developed and reviewed on a three year basis

and shall include:

a.      a description of service options including staff development, curriculum development and school improvement planning;

b. standards for coordination, planning, manner of district participation, district output, use of staff and consultants, payment of participant expenses, payment of stipends and reimbursement of districts for substitutes, and distribution of materials.

4. BOCES/district service agreement and plan

The BOCES/district service agreement and plan for each district shall be on file in the BOCES and shall include:

a.      a statement of understanding of BOCES/district responsibilities and school improvement service delivery standards.

b. a district school improvement plan including goals to be met, a listing of activities to achieve those goals, evaluation, and a description of service to be provided by BOCES.