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Educational Technology Learning Standards for Students

A Crosswalk between ISTE's Standards and NYS Learning Standards

Over the last eight years, New York State has established comprehensive learning standards. Many of these standards include requirements for technology use. In the late 1990s, the International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE) began developing suggested outcomes for technology use in pre-Kindergarten through grade 12. The National Educational Technology Standards (NETS) was the result of this project by ISTE.

In an effort to promote quality use of technologies in providing instruction in the classroom and to meet New York State's commitment to ensuring that all New York State students, regardless of race, ethnicity, gender, family income, geographic location, or disability, are computer literate by the end of eighth grade, the following information is being provided as resource to schools in their program development and instructional integration. Below are the crosswalks of performance indicators taken from the performance indicators by the six categories developed by ISTE and the seven New York Learning Standards documents.

Attention to including activities to meet these performance indicators should lead towards meeting the State's goal of technology literacy achievement.

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  2. Please note the following content is based upon the older ISTE Technology Standards and is currently being reviewed by NYSED for possible updating.
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  4. A Crosswalk of NYS Learning Standards and Performance Indicators for Technology with ISTE's Educational Technology Standards: by NETS Major Six Categories / NYS Curriculum Subject Areas| Word Word document (252KB)
  5. Definition of Educational Technology and Technology Education
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