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intThe emergence and use of new technologies strengthen the need for all learners to know and practice safe, effective, ethical use of technology through training in Internet safety. While many students and teachers use various technologies often, others may use it infrequently or lack basic access or information to use technology. Yet all learners, including the youngest students, students with special needs, and English language learners, can receive guidance in information literacy and the safe and ethical use of telecommunications tools such as social networking spaces and online coursework to meet learning standards, credit or degree requirements, and life-long learning needs. NYSED can assist by providing technical assistance for instructional programs designed to promote the proper and safe use of the Internet.

NYS Education Law regarding Instruction on Internet Safe Usage
The recent passage of the New York State Education Law on Internet Safety and Appropriate Use (Ed Law Section 814) allows for education of students for safe and appropriate use of Internet technology and resources.

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Last Updated: May 16, 2016