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About the School Library Media Program Evaluation Rubric

Research has shown that one of the chief characteristics in a high performing school is a quality school library media program (LMP).  LMP and multiple data instruments collect data on size of collections, number of computers and Internet connections, but a need was also determined by the New York State Education Department (NYSED) for a qualitative instrument for self-assessment to measure the degree of success in the different essential elements in the LMP. The SLMPE rubric was designed to help create a self-assessment instrument to include qualitative and quantitative evidence to support responses to various elements in the LMP, and aid teachers, librarians, students, administrators, parents, and school community members in development of action plans for program improvements toward meeting higher standards and improving student achievement.

In 1997 the School Library Media Program Evaluation (SLMPE) rubric was developed at the New York State Education Department by Frances Roscello and Patricia Webster, the school library media program associates for the Department, based on previous work by Barbara Stripling and Jody Gehrig, both active nationally with school library media program improvement.

The SLMPE rubric - revised in 2004 - has been used by a large number of schools in New York State for program improvement. In 2008 there was a call by practitioners and the school library professional organizations in New York for further revision based on the shifting paradigm of school library media programs, as defined in part by the Standards for the 21st –Century Learner released by the American Association of School Librarians in fall, 2007. Under the leadership of Anne Schiano - Assistant Director, Curriculum, Instruction, and Instructional Technology, NYSED - a team of consultants and NYSED staff, Chairperson Barbara Stripling, and the support of the School Library Media Section of the New York Library Association (SLMS/NYLA) and the School Library System Association (SLSA) of New York was formed for review and revision of the NYSED SLMPE rubric. The team consisted of:

Barbara Stripling, Chairperson

Director of Library Services

New York City School Library System

Sally Daniels

School Library Media Specialist

Cicero-North Syracuse High School

Linda Fox

Program Manager for Library Services

Capital Region BOCES School Library System

Carolyn Hirst-Loucks Assistant Superintendent for Instruction

Auburn Enlarged City School District

Paige Jaeger

Director for School Library Services

Washington Saratoga Warren Hamilton Essex BOCES School Library System

Joanne Shawhan

Associate, School Library Services

Educational Design & Technology, NYSED

John Brock

Associate, School Library Services

Educational Design & Technology, NYSED


This team developed the outline and contents over multiple drafts of a revised 2009 SLMPE rubric closely based on the abundant research around the impact of strong school library media programs on student achievement. Generous, extensive critical review of these drafts was provided by NYSED Cultural Education Center, Division of Library Development, Library Development Specialists – most notably Joseph Mattie – associates in CI&IT, and members of SLMS, NYLA, and SLSA. Field tests and trial use by Library Media Specialists and administrators in schools helped put the SLMPE rubric in its revised 2009 form.


Last Updated: April 6, 2015