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Climate Conducive to Learning

Students seek opportunities to visit the library media center; library atmosphere invites all to explore, read and learn; provisions for diverse student needs are met


School Properties that Support Student Achievement

Organizational Climate of Schools

Organizational Climate is a general term that refers to teachers' perceptions of the work environment; it a set of internal characteristics that distinguishes one organization from another. Thus, school climate is a relatively enduring quality of the school environment that is experienced by participants, affects their behavior, and is based on their collective perceptions of behavior in schools (Hoy & Miskel, 2008). In brief, personality is to individual what climate is to organization. Two perspectives on school climate are the openness of school climate and the health of school climate.

[From: Hoy, W. K. & Miskel, C. G. (2008). Educational Administration: Theory, Research, and Practice]

Additional Reading

Alvarado, C. Four Ways Your School Media Center Can Welcome English Language Learners.  Media Spectrum 8, 6-9, fall, 2002.

Advice for meeting the needs of English language learners: how to be a source of cultural knowledge; consider the students’ culture; purchase materials that make the curriculum accessible for all; encourage communication.  Also includes a list of resources for teaching ELLs.

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