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Student needs for learning resources are met through well developed collections of materials in a variety of formats


A reasonable collection of book resources should comprise ten books per student. The smallest school should have at least 2500 relevant and updated items to ensure a wide balanced book stock for all ages, abilities and backgrounds. At least 60% of the stock should consist of curriculum-related non-fiction resources.

In addition, a school library should acquire materials for leisure purposes such as popular novels, music, computer games, videocassettes, video laser disks, magazines and posters. These kinds of materials may be selected in cooperation with the students to ensure it reflects their interests and culture, without crossing reasonable limits of ethical standards. The range of services must include access to electronic information resources which reflect the curriculum as well as the users’ interests and culture. The electronic resources should include access to Internet, special reference and full-text databases, as well as instruction related computer software packages. These may be available in CD-ROM and DVD.

[From: IFLA/UNESCO School Library Manifesto: the School Library in Teaching and Learning for All.]

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Web Resources

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Collection Development

http://www.ala.org/ala/mgrps/divs /aasl/aaslarchive/resourceguides/collectiondevelopment.cfmexternal link

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