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Student learning is increased through access to certified library media specialists and highly qualified support staff


The school librarian is the professionally qualified staff member responsible for planning and managing the school library, supported by staffing who is as adequate as possible, working together with all members of the school community, and liasing with the public library and others.
[From: IFLA/UNESCO School Library Manifesto: the School Library in Teaching and Learning for All.]

The success of any school library media program, no matter how well designed, depends ultimately on the quality and number of the personnel responsible for the program. A well-educated and highly motivated professional staff, adequately supported by technical and clerical staff, is critical to the endeavor.

[From: AASL Position Paper on Appropriate Staffing for School Library Media Centers]

Additional Reading

Lance, Keith Curry; Rodney, Marcia J.; Hamilton-Pennell, Christine. 2000. How School Librarians Help Kids Achieve Standards: The Second Colorado Study. external link

This follow-up study focuses attention on the library media specialist and the services she or he provides throughout the building, rather than just the library media center as a specific place, and emphasizes the fact that better library media services lead to better student performance on standards-based tests.

Small, Ruth V.2008. New York State’s School Libraries and Library Media Specialists: An Impact Study Preliminary Report

Library media specialists have an important role to play regarding the use of technology to support teaching and learning in their schools. In elementary schools with a certified (vs. non-certified) library media specialist, students have significantly higher achievement scores on the 4th grade ELA test. Certified LMS and the selection of materials for the school’s library collection that represent different points of view. Certified LMS and the selection of materials for the school’s library collection that support the school’s curriculum.

Available: http://www.nyla.org/content/user_1/Preliminary_Report_Small.pdf PDF file icon external link(200 KB)

Web Resources

AASL - Position Statement on Appropriate Staffing for School Library Media Centers

Although staffing patterns are developed to meet local needs, certain basic staffing requirements can be identified.

http://www.ala.org/aasl/advocacy/resources/statements/staffing external link

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New York State Regulations of the Commissioner of Education

Employment of School Library Media Specialists


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