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Student achievement is increased through administrative and community support of the library media program


Principals have a critical role in the implementation of change in schools. The educational change research (see, e.g., Fullan, 1991, 1993) and the effective schools research (see, e.g., Rosenholtz, 1985, 1989) have helped us to understand the contributions of the principal in terms of vision building, evolutionary planning, empowering others, resource mobilization, and problem coping and monitoring. Effective principals are collaborative leaders who use these strategies to facilitate the transformation of school culture.
The research involving principals who support the school library program and the teacher-librarian indicates that principal support occurs through four key roles of the principal: that as a supervisor working directly with teachers, that as a model demonstrating personal commitment, that as a manager enabling the program, and that as a mentor providing visibility and importance. The first three roles focus on the principal's support for the school library program and the fourth, on the principal's support for the teacher-librarian.
[From: Oberg, Dianne. Developing the Respect and Support of School Administrators. Teacher Librarian 33.3 (2006): 13-18]

Additional Reading

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Final Report of the Regents Commission on Library Services

Recommendation 2: "Ensure that all New York’s students are information literate by providing strong school library media programs that include appropriately certified professional staff, adequate resources, and technology." View the full Regents Commission recommendation at: http://www.nysl.nysed.gov/rcols/finalrpt.htm#Recommendation2

Hartzell, Gary. Why Should Principals Support School Libraries? Teacher Librarian, Dec. 2003, Vol.31, Issue 2.
Principals should support school libraries because it is in both their students' and their own

best interests to do so. Quality library programs can enhance student achievement, and informed, committed teacher-librarians can help principals enhance their own administrative practice.

Available: http://www.oelma.org/documents/RIF%20Article.pdf external link PDF file icon (108 KB)

Johnson, Doug. A 13 Point Library Media Program Checklist for School Principals

An updated version of the article “12 Point Library/Media Program Checklist for Building Administrators” that appeared in The Book Report, January 1996.

http://www.doug-johnson.com/dougwri/13-point-checklist.html external link

Maryland Technology Standards for School Administrators

Six Standards, Outcomes, and Indicators for Maryland School Administrators

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