Educational Design and Technology


"Stakeholders from both within the school community and in the greater community could
use this rubric to make improvements to the LMP and thus improve student achievement."

Assistant Superintendent for Instruction

"The rubric is significantly different from the previous tool. The intention has always been that the rubric is a tool to help schools evaluate program and set goals for future work. In the past, it has been primarily designed for librarians and administrators. The intention behind this one is different. We are encouraging school leaders to use the tool with all stakeholders in a school library program. Teams of curriculum developers, departments, PTA and other groups should be involved in the evaluation of a program. The media specialist, clearly, is a significant leader in moving the program forward. But he/she is not alone and does not solely determine the inputs or outcomes of a program. In the same way that a whole community is involved in school improvement (not just the principal), so too a whole school community can and should be involved in improvement and sustainability of their library program."

Program Manager for Library Services
School Library System Director

"The communications coordinators from our component districts and the non-public school rep reviewed and discussed the new rubric for library media centers

            We began by reviewing the old rubric.  We then read the introductory page, the "about" page, "how to use", and the guidelines for each section.  After sufficient silent reading time, we discussed the document. 

            Next steps: The communications coordinators are distributing the rubric today electronically to all the librarians in their districts, with a CC to the assistant superintendents.  The librarians will be instructed to complete it, keep a copy in the library and to return a copy to the communications coordinator who in turn will forward them to the SLS office.  The SLS office will summarize the data by district."

School Library System Director


Please consider sending evidence, data, samples, and testimonials of use of the NYSED School Library Media Program Evaluation rubric.


Last Updated: September 8, 2010