Educational Design and Technology

Library Materials in Social Studies

Curriculum, Instruction and Instructional Technology Standards-Based Resources

  • Global History and Geography Online Resource Guide
    This rich online resource offers a wide variety of instructional strategies and resources to support teaching and learning in your school’s Global History classes.

  • Civic Education Toolkit
    This toolkit promotes an interdisciplinary focus for civics education to ensure that all New York State students graduate ready for active and informed citizenship. It includes instructional strategies and online resources for strengthening civics education in local school districts.

  • Champlain/Hudson/Fulton Commemorations Online Resource
    This online resource has been designed to help local school districts celebrate the 400th anniversary of the Samuel de Champlain and Henry Hudson explorations, and the 200th anniversary of the launching of Robert Fulton’s steamboat, Clermont. It includes interdisciplinary elementary, middle and commencement level instructional modules, scholarly overviews, and strategies for using this online resource.
Last Updated: September 29, 2010