Educational Design and Technology


Project Abstract


   The New York City Charter School Consortium is partnership of six charter schools (LEAs) that serve children in the boroughs of Bronx, Brooklyn and Manhattan. 1,317 of the students served by the charter schools in our partnership are defined by the State of New York as “in poverty.” The proposed program, Technology Infusion into Instruction through Professional Development (TIIPD) is supported by Fordham University Regional Educational Technology Center, Educate LLC, a for-profit educational technology integration provider; Knowledge iTrust, a non-profit educational technology curriculum and software development organization. The theme of the proposed program is Technology Infusion into TIIPD.

   Through TIIPD, administrators, library media specialists and teachers will receive regular, school-based professional development, attend workshops at Fordham University and use Moodle, an online learning platform, where they will collaborate, share best practices and upload lesson plans/resources for sharing. Administrators have been identified for inclusion in interpreting data that will better inform instruction and to support teachers in using data and instructional technology to raise students’ academic achievement by addressing their targeted instructional needs in ELA.

  Teachers will receive professional development in integrating technology with experiential learning opportunities that support deep inquiry-based learning. Library media specialists will receive professional development in Internet safety, attribution and web-based research. This sustained ongoing effort will help to improve teachers’ facility with integration of technology for instruction, support rigorous academic standards, and will motivate students to participate in learning and take charge of their learning in new, dynamic ways. Students attending schools served by the program will receive more access to technology through increased classroom integration, complete projects using Web 2.0 and other tools and collaboration online using Moodle. In addition, the knowledge and critical thinking skills that the students gain through both their academic and experiential learning will empower them to succeed in their communities and in the 21st century global economy.

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Last Updated: February 12, 2010