Educational Design and Technology

Saint Lawrence-Lewis BOCES

Project Abstract


   The goals of the Student Achievement through Effective Leadership (SAtEL) project focus on changing systems within school buildings, with the overarching goal of graduating students who are literate and able to apply 21st century skills. Organizations implement new programs intending to change some aspect of the operation. Researchers have studied the conditions under which change occurs and sustains. Fullan (2008), points out that the six “secrets” of his change theory are intended to apply to large-scale reform, are synergistic, motivationally embedded, and represent a tension or dilemma. In order for deep and lasting change to occur Fullan (2008) recommends to leaders, “love your employees, connect peers with purpose, capacity building prevails, learning is the work, transparency rules, and systems learn”.

   The SAtEL project will build upon two previous EETT projects and frame activities around Fullan’s theory for systematic change. The last two EETT projects failed to address the in-district leadership needed for such change. The outcomes of the previous projects show great strides toward connecting peers with purpose, learning is the work, and capacity building, but overlooked the other components needed for systemic change. The goals, objectives, and activities of this proposal will continue supporting the conditions for teachers to use technology to differentiate their instruction to meet the needs of all learners, model and instruct 21st century skills, and reflect on the effectiveness of their pedagogy. SAtEL will also build the leadership capacity that will allow for systemic change.

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Last Updated: March 12, 2010