Educational Design and Technology

EETT Competitive Grant program January 1, 2008- December 31, 2009

Program Purpose

The primary purpose of the program is to improve students’ academic performance in the core subject areas of English language arts, mathematics, science and technology literacy through effective use of technology in the process of teaching and learning. To operationalize the primary goal of the program, the NYS EETT Competitive Grant Program in consultation with the field experts and practitioners has identified the following five theme-oriented categories of education technology programs.

  1. Leadership and System Change through Technology Innovation;
    a. Educational Leadership in Technology Infusion (administrators, students)
    b. System Change of Teaching and Learning through Technology
    c. Innovative Technology Integration for 21st Century Learning

  2. Technology Infusion into Instruction through Professional Development;
    a. Embedded Professional Development on Technology Infusion
    b. Pairing and Mentoring Professional Development on Technology Infusion
    c. Data-driven and Customized Professional Development on Technology Infusion

  3. Data-driven Differentiated Instruction and Learning;
    a. Data-driven customized instruction
    b. Adaptive Assessment and Learning
    c. Performance-based and Innovative Learning

  4. Technology Literacy and ICT Skills Development and Assessment; and
    a. Development and Assessment of ICT Literacy and Skills
    b. Project-based Learning and Assessment of ICT Skills
    c. Integrated Approach to ICT Literacy and Skills Attainment in Core Curricula

  5. Expanding Learning Opportunities through Online Teaching and Learning;
    a. Online Professional Development
    b. Online Courses for Students
    c. Online Formative Assessment

Abstracts of 2008 EETT Awardees

Request for Proposals

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