Educational Design and Technology

Ed Tech Grant Eligibility

For Formula Grant

Only LEAs of under Part A of Title I are eligible for Ed Tech Formula funds.  A Consolidated Application for all formula entitlement programs including Ed Tech Formula funds is automatically mailed to each school district in preparation for the subsequent school year.  The allocation for each of the eligible school district is posted on the SED/EMSC website.

Other educational entities including higher education institutions, educational service providers, non-profit organizations, educational services vendors can join eligible LEAs in applying as partners.  But they can not apply directly nor act as a fiscal agent.

For Competitive Grant

Federal Definitions

Eligible LEAs

High-Need Local Education Agency or eligible local partnership.

High-Need Local Education Agency 

  1. Is among the LEAs in a state with highest numbers or percentages of children from families with incomes below the poverty line; and
  2. Serves at least one school identified as in need of improvement or corrective action under Title I; or
  3. Has a substantial need for assistance in acquiring and using technology.

Eligible Local Partnership

Shall include at least one High-Need LEA and at least one:

  • LEA with teachers effectively integrating technology;
  • Institute of higher education;
  • For-profit business or organization; or
  • Non-profit organization; and
  • Education Service Agencies (ESAs), libraries or other educational entities as appropriate.
Last Updated: September 29, 2010