Educational Design and Technology

Technology Plan Requirements

Whether applying for formula-funding or competitive funding, districts will be asked to submit their district technology plan to the New York State Department of Education for review prior to funding.

The specific technology plan requirements for formula and competitive grant applications for Title II, Part D in No Child Left Behind include:

1.  Standards-based Learning and Student Academic Achievement through Technology Use

  • A description of goals aligned with challenging state standards for using advanced technology to improve student academic achievement.
  • A description of Strategies for using technology to improve academic achievement and teacher effectiveness.
  • A description of how the applicant will integrate technology into curricula and instruction, and a time line for this integration.

2.  Access to Advanced Technology for Effective Teaching and Learning

  • Steps the applicant will take to ensure that all students and teachers have increased access to technology and to help  that teachers are prepared to integrate technology effectively into curricula and instruction.
  • A description of the supporting resources, such as services, software, other electronically delivered learning materials, and print resources, that will be acquired to ensure successful and effective uses of technology.

3.  Technology Integration and Use through Effective Professional Development

  • Ongoing, sustained professional development for teachers, principals, administrators, and school library media personnel to further the effective use of technology in the classroom or library media center.

4.  Research-based Technology Programs and Accountability Measures

  • Promotion of curricula and teaching strategies that integrate technology that are based on a review of relevant research and leading to improvements in student academic achievement. 
  • Accountability measures - a description of the process and accountability measures that the applicant will use to evaluate the extent to which activities funded under the program are effective in integrating technology into curricula and instruction, increasing the ability of teachers to teach, and enabling students to reach challenging state academic standards.

5.  Effective and Integrative Uses of Resources for Educational Technology Infusion

  • A description of the type and costs of technology to be acquired with Ed Tech funds, including provisions for interoperability of components.
  • A description of how the applicant will coordinate activities funded through the Ed Tech program with technology-related activities supported with funds from other sources.
  • A description of how the applicant will encourage the development and use of innovative strategies for the delivery of specialized or rigorous courses and curricula through the use of technology, including distance learning technologies, particularly in areas that would not otherwise have access to such courses or curricula due to geographical distances or insufficient resources.
  • A description of how the applicant will use technology effectively to promote parental involvement and increase communication with parents.
  • Collaboration with adult literacy service providers.
Last Updated: September 29, 2010