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New York State School Technology Voucher Program (NYS-STVP)
aka "Microsoft Settlement"


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Field Memo Guidance: Accounting for NYS-STVP Funds (Posted 6/27/14)

Program Background and Purpose

The School Technology Voucher Program (STVP) is the result of an $87 million legal Settlement Agreement between the Microsoft Corporation and the State of New York. The STVP funds ($87 million), in the form of vouchers, will be offered to public school districts (on behalf of their eligible schools) and to eligible charter schools.

 This Technology Voucher program aims to assist eligible schools in improving their readiness for computer-based testing (CBT) and supporting a technology-rich learning environment. It should be used to reduce or eliminate the device gap to facilitate online assessments and technology- infused instruction.

Under the terms of the legal settlement, Rust Consulting is serving as the Settlement Claims Administrator (SCA). The SCA issues, processes, and pays all vouchers to the certified voucher recipients. The New York State Education Department (NYSED) reviews the application to see whether the purchase plan addresses the device gap as much as possible or is purchasing other products to enhance CBT and technology-infused instruction, such as cabling for networks. NYSED will also monitor the program through end-of-program certification and site visitations.

Program Eligibility

K-12 Public Schools or Charter Schools with 50% or more students enrolled in the free and reduced lunch program (FRLP) for the year of 2011-12 (as of March 2012) were eligible to receive the STVP vouchers. A list of eligible schools can be found at https://nys-stvp.com/ListofEligibleSchools.aspx external link icon. Information on the enrollment in FRLP can be found at http://portal.nysed.gov/pls/cn_port/mel3_pkg.elig_enroll_query.

Last Updated: November 17, 2015