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1968: The Whole World Was Watching, An Oral History South Kingstown High School external link“The Whole World Was Watching: An Oral History of 1968” is a joint project between South Kingstown High School (SKHS) and Brown University's Scholarly Technology Group. The project was sponsored by the Rhode Island Committee for the Humanities and by NetTech. The project web site contains transcripts, audio recordings, and edited stories from a series of interviews conducted in the spring of 1998. Students from SKHS interviewed Rhode Islanders about their recollections of the year 1968. The personal memories and stories, which include references to the Vietnam War, the struggle for Civil Rights, the Assassinations of Martin Luther King and Robert Kennedy, are a living history of one of the most tumultuous years in United States history.  

Project Based Learning external link Keep students on track with Project Based Learning, a collection of age-appropriate, customizable project checklists for written reports, multimedia projects, and oral presentations. Project Based Learning gives your students responsibility for their own learning. 

www.4Kids.org external link 4Kids.org's team of educators, writers, artists, technology specialists, students and parents produces a weekly newspaper article and maintains the 4Kids Web site. Our vision is to pursue more effective ways of creating learning environments for all children regardless of gender, race, ethnicity or disability, particularly through advancing technologies such as the Internet. 

www.4Teachers.org external link 4Teachers.org/ is a carefully indexed collection of online resources (websites, tutorials, lessons and articles) made by teachers for teachers. 


Last Updated: December 22, 2014