June 2000

TO: District Superintendents of Schools
Superintendents of Public and Nonpublic Schools
Principals of Public and Nonpublic Schools
Guidance Counselors
Other Interested Parties
FROM: James A. Kadamus

Guidelines for Implementing Academic Intervention Services

In January 2000, I disseminated a draft question-and-answer document that reflected the Departmentís thinking in implementing academic intervention services. At that time, I reserved the right to make revisions to the draft and to redistribute a final document. Comments and questions received since January have mainly dealt with implementation of policy articulated in January. We have determined there is only one new policy area that requires additional guidance and that relates to the provision of academic intervention services by BOCES. I have, therefore, decided not to distribute an additional question-and-answer document. School districts should continue developing their description of academic intervention services, which must be completed by July 1, 2000, using the draft January document as the State policy.

Attached [below] is a copy of a memorandum that was distributed to District Superintendents concerning the role of BOCES in providing academic intervention services. This policy was recently finalized as a result of changes in statute during this yearís budget negotiations.

The Department is establishing a new Part 100 web site that provides the regulatory language for Sections 100.1 Ė 100.9 of the Commissionerís Regulations relating to general education and diploma requirements. Phase one is expected to be operational by July 1. Phase two will include the links to the regulatory language as well as existing and newly developed guidance material, and should be operational by September 1. Supplemental information on the implementation of academic intervention services will be available on the web site as well as through other existing communication vehicles.

If you have any questions about academic intervention services, you should contact the Departmentís Office for Compensatory Education at (518) 473-0295.

June 2, 2000

TO: District Superintendents of Schools
FROM: Jim Kadamus

Over the past several months, we have discussed a number of possible roles for the BOCES as districts implement the academic intervention services requirements. Our goal is to permit BOCES to be active partners with districts in the provision of AIS in order to improve effectiveness and efficiency of services. We also must ensure that districts retain the lead in making fundamental changes in the instructional program to support improved student performance. In order to meet this goal, we have developed the following guidelines for BOCES participation in the AIS process. BOCES may:

Several BOCES have inquired about providing itinerant or center-based after-school programs. We cannot approve after-school programs. However, in cases where, by board resolution, the length of a districtís school day is extended, the itinerant services described above can be provided during that extended school day. In such a case, the .6 limitation would apply to the total amount of service provided, regardless of the length of the school day.

Districts will be required to meet the following criteria before accessing BOCES AIS services:

If you have any questions, or would like to discuss this issue further, please feel free to contact me.