Teacher Quality & Professional Development

2009-10 Application for Teacher Center Continuation Funding

ARRA-GSF Monitoring of Selected 2009-10 Teacher Center Grantees 

2010-11 Teacher Center Continuation Application, Workplan and Assurances

2009-10 End of Year Reporting Format and Definitions.

2010 Program Income Report

2009-10 Teacher Center Awards Reflecting Mandated Legislative Reduction

2009-10 ARRA Funding for Continuation Grants

NYSED's ARRA website

USDOE's ARRA website

June 29: FAQ on ARRA Reporting Requirements

Statement of Assurances Regarding Program Income (October 29, 2009) - Deadline November 13, 2009

If actual program income at the end of 2010 differed from that which was estimated in November, your LEA must submit this form, with REVISED written in the top left-hand corner, and the actual amount substituted for ‘estimated’, when submitting your 2009-10 FS-10-F.

Federal Assurances (June 30, 2009)

FAQ regarding ARRA funding (July 7, 2009)

Teacher Center Request for Continuation Funding, 2009-10 (June 15, 2009) - only existing Teacher Center grantees are eligible

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