Teacher Quality & Professional Development

2010 Program Income Report

The Program Income Report is new this year, and collects the information requested in the Steiner-Megna letter of October 27, 2009, requesting USDOE's approval for Center use of the 'addition' method of fiscal accounting. It is comprised of two components, a Data Collection form, which must be submitted electronically, and a Statement of Assurances which must be submitted in hard copy. It is a one-time report, although elements of it will be incorporated into subsequent (2010-11 and beyond) End-of-Year reports. It asks for data from the current year as well as several preceding years.

All Centers must complete and submit this report, although certain questions will not apply to Centers that have not collected program income/revenues over the past three years. For further information, see the directions at the beginning of the Data Collection form.

Data Collection Form - must be submitted in electronic format

Statement of Assurances - must be sent in hard copy with original signatures

Due date: June 15, 2010

Last Updated: September 29, 2010