Teacher Quality & Professional Development

Education Law, Regulation and Guidance

Federal Education Law and Guidance

No Child Left Behind Act of 2001 (NCLB) (25.5KB)

NCLB Title II A Non-Regulatory Guidance (October 2005) (click on Highly Qualified Teachers: Title II Part A Non-Regulatory Guidance)

NCLB Non-Regulatory Guidance on Title I Paraprofessionals (March 2005)

NCLB Title IX (Section 9101) – Definitions for:

Highly Qualified Teaching (scroll to #23)

Professional Development (scroll to #34)

NCLB Title IX Private School Participation (Section 9501)

NCLB Non-Regulatory Guidance on Private School Participation (August 2005)

IDEA homepage


New York State Law and Regulation

Regulations of the Commissioner of Education Part 100 - General School Requirements

Professional Development Plan requirement

Annual Professional Performance Review requirement


NCLB Field memos –provide guidance on New York State’s implementation of the requirements for teachers and paraprofessionals in the No Child Left Behind Act of 2001 and the IDEA of 2004

#03-2008 (includes HOUSSE checklists and rubrics)

#04-2008 (related to BEDS PMF reporting)


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