Teacher Quality & Professional Development

Possible Teacher Center Survival Strategies

Teacher Centers may continue to operate in the absence of appropriated annual Teacher Center funding.  In order to do so, the Teacher Center policy boards must first make a continuation resolution; and this resolution must also include an agreement and a plan to meet periodically to determine future directions, monitor operations and so on. 

Survival options could include any, or multiples, of the following strategies:

  • Skeletal operations based on volunteered time, voluntary PD, keeping center facilities open/available for teacher use, etc.
  • Operations that use/spend down existing trust-in-agency accounts to support purposes described in Education Law 316.
  • Operation on a fee-for-service basis, including COSER services through one or more  BOCES.

    In this case, the host BOCES or LEA must be willing to manage and be accountable for standard fiscal practices, as they might do with, for instance, the PTA, or community groups using school facilities. 

    Note that if there is no grant appropriated for the Teacher Center under Education Law 316, the “addition” and “deduction” fiscal methods do not apply, since these apply only to GRANT-FUNDED programs.  However, if Teacher Centers are provided later appropriations under Ed Law 316 that are retroactive, State or Federal rules would once again be applicable.

  • Application as partners and professional development delivery systems for other grant opportunities.  (Teacher Centers themselves cannot usually be the applicant, given their lack of fiscal status - hence requiring a host BOCES/LEA as the fiscal agent.)  NYSED’s funding opportunities site is one source to monitor.  Many LEAs and Higher Ed institutions subscribe to funding opportunities listservs and may be willing to share these with TC partners. 

    NYS’s RTTT proposal alone is expected to generate multiple RFP opportunities, many related to the provision of professional development; these will be posted to the NYSED funding opportunities site. 

    If other grants are awarded to LEAs and their TC partners, any fiscal rules would derive from the source of the grant and any additional rules it imposed.

If you have developed other survival ideas and strategies you are willing to share with other Centers, please send them as finished and fully edited versions (ready for web posting) to emscprovdev@mail.nysed.gov and we will post them to this site.

Last Updated: September 29, 2010