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2010-11 Teacher Center Continuation Application, Workplan and Assurances

The following changes apply to the 2010-11 Continuation Application:
* Organization/format: All pieces are now in one document with unified formats. All pieces must be completed where applicable and included in the submitted Continuation Application, due to NYSED no later than June 1, 2010. * Content: The new Workplan section requires that continuing centers provide specific information regarding at least one and not more than five priority initiatives, aligned with NYSED and federal initiatives, that the program will address in the coming program year. We do not require descriptions of all proposed program activities; planned activities other than priority initiatives will be captured by the budget and budget narrative submissions at a later date.
* Budget/budget narratives: Do NOT submit budgets and budget narratives at this time. These formats are included below for planning purposes only. We will request budgets and budget narratives after the level of 2010-11 appropriations has been determined.

Due June 1-Teacher Center Continuation Application, Workplan and Assurances

Due June 15-Teacher Center Continuation Application, Workplan and Assurances for Regional Networks, Statewide Committees and Statewide Projects

Budget Narrative Format

Budget FS-10

Last Updated: September 15, 2010