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In the absence of appropriated funding, Teacher Center policy boards may issue a continuation resolution that includes an agreement and a plan to meet periodically.  This will allow Centers to continue with a skeletal organization and some professional development supports, or to consider and monitor continuing operation on a fee basis (if the host LEA is receptive to continuation as the fiscal agent); and will also allow Centers to be partner applicants for other grant sources, including those suggested in the federal Education Jobs bill, and in the NYS Race to the Top (RTTT) proposal.

Possible survival strategies

Should a Center’s policy board determine that, due to lack of volunteers and absent any funding, it must discontinue operations, an inventory list of all equipment and supplies purchased under the grant must be sent to the program office.  The policy board may also wish to forward its recommendations for disposition of such equipment and supplies; however, the final determination of disposition will be be made by the NYSED.  Send the inventory list, within one month of the policy board closure determination, to:   NYSED/TQPD, Room 464 EBA, Albany NY 12234, or electronically to emscprofdev@mail.nysed.gov .

To ensure you continue to receive important information from the program office, send a message to emscprofdev@mail.nysed.gov , with 'subscribe' in the subject window, and with any new TC Director contact phone and location/mailing information in the text area.

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Last Updated: September 15, 2010