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New York State Teacher Resource and Computer Training Centers (Teacher Centers)

The New York State Teacher Center network has been a critical partner to the NYSED in achieving education reform initiatives over the last 25 years.  While no funding has yet been appropriated for 2010-11, NYSED/TQPD continues to communicate with the Teacher Center directors listserv to share information, provide non-fiscal supports, and continue ongoing dialogue. 

Teacher Center Homepage at NYIT

Teacher Center Directors Homepage

Teacher Center History

Statewide Technology Applications

Teacher Center Law and Regulation

Education Law 316

Commissioner’s Regulation Part 81

Teacher Center 2008-09 Annual Report (Feb. 2010)


For information about professional development opportunities or other resources that may be provided in 2010-11 by your local or consortium Teacher Center, contact your local Teacher Center director (click on “Directories”, or on any of the direct web links to continuing Centers).

Applications and Funding - no new applications are being accepted for 2010-11, since no funding has yet been appropriated.  Per Education Law 316, no new applications are accepted in any year where there is no increase in funding over the prior year. Continuing Teacher Centers submit an annual work plan for NYSED review and approval.

For general questions or information regarding Teacher Center purposes and activities, call the State Education Department at (518) 474-5922 or email EMSCURRIC@MAIL.NYSED.GOV .

Last Updated: August 22, 2011