SIF 1 Budget

FS-10 Budget Forms Yet to be Submitted:

  • Year-Two Implementation Period (July 1, 2013 to June 30, 2014)
     Details are available in the Timelines section.

Accessing Forms:

FS-10: Must submit each budget period to the School Turnaround Office (STO), NYSED, Room 481 EBA, Albany, NY 12234

FS-25: Upon receipt of your award notification from the Grants Finance Office, you must submit this form to request funds. The amount of funds requested at any one time may only include actual expenditures to date plus, where allowed, anticipated expenditures for the next month. FS-25s are required, received and processed by the Grants Finance Office (Room 510W EB; 518-474-4815).

FS-10A: There are two types of amendment requests available. Both require STO approval. Requests must be emailed to your STO liaison 30 days prior to the desired effective date of the proposed change. Upon receipt of the request, the STO liaison will review it and provide a decision within 10 days.

  • Fiscal amendment: requires the use of the FS-10A accompanied by a narrative explaining the need. Upon approval you must submit an original, and a copy of the signed FS-10A for processing.
  • Programmatic amendment: requires a narrative explaining the program change. The narrative must (a) reference the approved application page number(s), (b) identify which activities, resources, partner(s), etc… that will change, and (c) how the change will impact goals, objectives, strategies, or benchmarks. The change must not adversely impact or change the original scope of the approved application.

FS-10F: Final Expenditure Reports are due at the end of each budget period and are submitted to the Grants Finance Office. Details and due dates are available in the Timelines section.

Allowable Activities and Costs:

  • Allowable activities are those activities that are directly related to meeting the overall and individual whole-school redesign framework requirements.
  • The purchase of non-instructional equipment is not allowed.
  • Instructional equipment is allowable, if necessary to meet the project goals and objectives, but must not exceed 10% of the total project budget.

Additional Requirements:

  • LEAs must not act as a flow-through for funds to pass to other entities. The LEA level of participation is not less than 20% of the annual budget;
  • If the LEA chooses, up to 15% of grant funds may be used for district-level capacity building activities. (85% must go directed toward the identified school activities). For the purposes of this grant, district-level capacity building means activities designed to build the capability of the district to support, monitor, and oversee the LEAs’ Priority Schools funded through this program;
  • LEAs must not sub-grant funds to other entities, except to the partner organizations designated to provide services that the LEA is unable to provide.


Last Updated: March 21, 2014