Universal Prekindergarten

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Universal Prekindergarten

Please click on the following links below for the Mid-Year Expansion Application & Grant Calculator, and the Fully Implemented Status Application. 

Mid-Year Expansion Application Word Document(71KB)

Mid-Year Grant Calculator (134KB)

Fully Implemented Status Application Word Document(52KB)


New York State Prekindergarten Program Quality Assurance Protocol Word Document (318KB)


The application for the 2015-2016 Universal Prekindergarten grant will be submitted through the SED Monitoring and Vendor Performance System (MVPS).  It should be noted that in addition to completing the application in MVPS, districts must submit one original and two copies of the FS-20 Proposed Budget to the address provided in the application.  Applications are Due July 17th.

This Office of Early Learning application, entitled 2015-2016 NYS Universal Prekindergarten Program Application can be accessed by logging onto the business portal at http://portal.nysed.gov.  

**For your convenience, we have developed a quick guide that provides instructions on how superintendents can entitle other district staff as users to the Office of Early Learning (OEL) portion of MVPS. This guide can be accessed on the SED website at http://www.p12.nysed.gov/earlylearning/

**In order for individuals to be entitled to access to the Office of Early Learning portion of MVPS they must have an account at the district level.  When individuals, such as principals, have a building level account, the Superintendent can establish a second account for them at the district level and then entitled it to the system as instructed in the above referenced guide.  The original account does not have to be removed or modified. 

**For assistance with setting up or entitling an account, please contact the SEDDAS help desk at seddas@nysed.gov.  Be sure to include the district name, your name and title, the name of the person that is being entitled and a phone number where you can be reached.

Please note that the application will not be processed until the FS-20 Budget is received.  A printed application sent with the FS-20 Budget will not be accepted in place of the online submission of the application by the Superintendent.  

Questions pertaining to the content of the application may be directed to the Office of Early Learning at oel@nysed.gov.


The New York State PreK Learning Standards were approved by the Board of Regents at their P-12 Education Committee Meeting on January 10, 2011.  More guidance regarding these PreK Standards will be forthcoming.  Thank you to all of you who provided feedback during the time of public comment. Your commitment to the field of early education is greatly appreciated. 

Prekindergarten Learning Standards

Half Day Pre-K/Kindergarten Scheduled Meal Service PDF icon (88KB)

NYSED Pre-K to Kindergarten Transition Tool

Building relationships, partnering and collaboration are extremely important to facilitate the transition of prekindergarten students to kindergarten.  This is a time of great change for children, parents, families and schools in which new relationships, new expectations and new competencies are being developed. The local school district should have a comprehensive plan for supporting its newest incoming students and their families as they transition into a K-12 system.

The checklist below will help to determine how complete your school district’s prekindergarten to kindergarten transition plan is. It may signal areas for improvement for your district to work on to ensure a positive start for young children in the school community.

NYSED Transition Tool Checklist PDF icon(232KB)

Full Day Prekindergarten Daily Schedule Samples:

Daily Schedule Sample 1PDF icon(47.3KB)

Daily Schedule Sample 2PDF icon(795KB)

Daily Schedule Sample 3PDF icon(103KB)

Daily Schedule Sample 4PDF icon(496KB)



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