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RFP #17-018a: Questions and Answers

Angelo Del Toro Puerto Rican/Hispanic Youth Leadership PR/HYL


October 12, 2017

Question 1. What is the amount of funding associated with the RFP?

Answer 1: NYSED is not providing information about the available funding. Bidders should propose costs that are reasonable and necessary to cover project expenses, based on the scope of work outlined in the RFP. Please keep in mind that this is a best value competition and that 30% of the total available points will be awarded based on cost; the bidder with the lowest cost will receive the highest cost score of 30 points.

Question 2. In terms of the MWBE requirements – who exactly do they refer to? The hiring of a coordinator? The college’s overall staffing? Or the 30% of subcontracting permitted?

Answer 2: All bidders must meet the Minority and Women-Owned Business Enterprise (M/WBE) requirements established in the RFP. M/WBE participation refers to any services, materials or supplies purchased from New York State-certified M/WBEs under the contract. The goal is 30% of the total contract value and bidders achieve compliance by documenting good faith efforts to use certified M/WBEs as subcontractors or suppliers under the contract. Please review the RFP for additional information on M/WBE requirements.

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