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Instructions for Submitting Biennial Review Forms

Section 100.11 of Commissioner's Regulations requires both local and BOCES boards of education, in collaboration with their respective district committees, to biennially review the district-level plan for the participation of parents and teachers in school-based planning and shared decision making. The biennial review assesses the overall adequacy of the plan’s required components, and addresses successes and obstacles in local and district use of the plan. Districts are required to review the plan in its entirety, and to make changes to those portions that no longer reflect the needs of the plan.

The biennial review focuses on planning aspects of CR 100.11 as well as the overall adequacy of the plan. Part 1, the District/BOCES Information Sheet, identifies the district and indicates endorsement of the plan by the required constituency groups. Part 2, the Statement of Success, addresses the adequacy of each of the 6 required components of the plan. Part 3, the Statement of Assurances, indicates approval of the Shared Decision Making plan and assessments of its success by the President of the Board of Education.

For the purposes of collaboratively reviewing the successes of the plan, please print the Biennial Review Form Word document icon. Once stakeholders have determined their responses to the biennial review, complete all three parts and obtain the signatures of all stakeholder representatives. The form must be kept on file and available for review in the main district or BOCES office.

School districts and BOCES are also required to submit documentation of the Biennial Review to the State Education Department. Once Parts 1, 2, and 3 have been completed and approved by the board of education, please complete and submit the review report form available at:

Amended plans should be kept on file in the district office. Districts no longer need to submit their amended plans to BOCES or the Department.

The deadline for completion of the Shared Decision Making Biennial Review, including submission of required materials to the New York State Education Department is February 28, 2014.

Thank you for your completion of the Shared Decision Making Biennial Review Report.

Last Updated: June 15, 2018