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PMIS PBITS 20-001 Questions & Answers

JANUARY 11, 2021

1. Has the new, Java based replacement system been completed yet?
Answer: All functionality requests have been completed in the Java system and user-acceptance testing is ongoing with
program office
2. Who is developing, or developed, the Java based replacement?
Answer: Java application in being developed by internal NYSED IT staff
3. On which operating system does the Clipper application run on top of?
Answer: Uses Hyper_V to emulate a 32 bit environment for Windows 10
4. On which operating system does dBase run on top of?
Answer: Uses Hyper_V to emulate a 32 bit environment for Windows 10
5. Does the Clipper based system have comprehensive technical documentation?
Unfortunately, no comprehensive technical documentation exists, however NYSED IT does have analysis documents of required features.
6. Does the Clipper based system have comprehensive end-user documentation?
Answer: End user documentation is available, but it not considered comprehensive.
7. Does the Clipper/dBase system have a development and/or test environment?
Answer: No, only a production environment currently exists.
8. Does the Java based replacement system have a development and/or test environment?

Answer: Yes, other environments are available for the replacement system.
9. Will the selected vendor be able to deploy data consolidation tools within NYSED’s technical environment?
Answer: Without knowing the tools in mind, we cannot give a definitive yes or no at this time. That would have to be
discussed with NYSED Tech Services team to assess its impact on our network.
10. Will the selected vendor be able to take custody of Clipper/dBase system to perform data consolidation interim tasks within their own technical environments?
Answer: Data conversion and related activities must stay on the NYSED network.
11. Will the selected vendor have access to end-user stakeholders of both the Clipper based and Java based systems?
Yes, resources will be available.
12. Does NYSED expect that actual data conversion and data migration activities be performed by NYSED staff/contractors or the selected vendor?
Answer: The selected vendor.
13. Why was PMIS data conversion and data migration to the new Java based system not contemplated during the
development of the replacement system?

Answer: Due to constraints, NYSED did not have the available staff at the time of development to accommodate data
14. Does the new Java based replacement system have a documented “logical data model” that is understandable by end-user business SMEs?
Answer: NYSED has documentation available along with the IT and program area resources to discuss it.
15. Does the Clipper based system have a documented “logical data model” that is understandable by end-user business SMEs?
Answer: Documentation available is geared more towards technical staff.

16. Is the current Clipper/dBase system based on local and or shared DBF tables?
Answer: The clipper system is installed locally but data is stored in the DBF tables on a shared network folder.
17. Upon award, will NYSED be able to provide the selected vendor with Entity Relationship Diagrams (ERDs) for both the Clipper based system and Java based system?
Answer: Yes, documentation will be available.
18. Will NYSED be able to provide the source code for the Clipper based system?
Answer: Yes, provided the vendor supplies a valid use case for the need of the source code.
19. Will NYSED be able to provide the data dictionary for the Clipper based system?
Answer: Yes, that will be available upon request.
20. Will NYSED be able to provide the unencrypted dBase files for the Clipper based system?
Answer: DBF file are not encrypted, however NYSED does not have software capable of reading the DBF file directly.
21. Who currently maintains the Clipper based system?
Answer: None. It was developed by a program office staff member who retired in 2019.
22. Does NYSED have Clipper developers in house who can act as SMEs to the project team?
Answer: No resources are available.
23. Appendix B of the underlying PBITS contract states (#61) “Contractor shall be fully liable for the actions of its agents, employees, partners or Subcontractors and shall fully defend, indemnify and hold harmless the Authorized Users from suits, actions, damages and costs of every name and description relating to personal injury and damage to real or personal tangible property caused by any intentional act or negligence of Contractor, its agents, employees, partners or Subcontractors, which shall arise or result from this Contract, without limitation:” Is this term/condition in effect for the agreement resultant from MINI-BID # PBITS 20-001?
: Yes

24. Would Subcontractors need to possess the same level of insurance as PBITS Lot 2 Vendors from an insurance flow-down perspective?
Answer: The contract is with the vendor and not with the subcontractors. Vendors are responsible for their subcontractors.
25. Section 2.1.4 of the bid states contractors are required to be on-site at NYSED’s Albany NY offices. Will technical preference be given to those proposals (which will subsequently be incorporated into the contract) which explicitly commit to on-site delivery of all service based on NYSED’s official return to work COVID policies (as opposed to their own internal policies or state guidance)?
Answer: During COVID and when work-at-home telecommuting policies are in place at NYSED, contractors are expected to work remotely but to be available during planned working hours via remote working software, such as WebEx and Microsoft Teams. The current NYSED telecommuting policy is in place until April 2, 2021. During the remainder of the pandemic, when possible to have staff within the building, a schedule to enforce social distancing will be developed for all staff, including IV&V staff. According to the details provided in the mini-bid, staff are expected to be on-site in NYS when NYS allows for that.
26. Section 3.3 of the PBITS “How to Use” outlines a mechanism for the tentatively awarded bidder to collaboratively provide NYSED a detailed Project Plan at no cost to NYSED. Would NYSED be open to leveraging this PBITS contract provision?
No. The mini-bid requires submission of a tentative project plan as part of the bid submission.
27. Does NYSED reserve the right to amend the awardee’s pricing/deliverable fee schedule after project work begins?
28. Will preference be given to vendors who have past experience in migrating Clipper Application Data to a modern RDBMS?
Answer: No, while it would be helpful if the vendor had staff that were familiar with Clipper applications preference will not be given to those that do.
29. Do the "Title" and "Description" fields in Attachment 1 (Financial Proposal-PMISOMSFacilitiesMgt), when filled out, need to match the "Job Title" and "Job Description" fields in the contractor's PBITS Appendix D (Pricing Schedule on file with OGS)? Additionally, should the “SKU” identifiers in Appendix D be identified in NYSED’s Attachment 1?

Answer: Yes. The Title and Description fields should match the Job Title and Job Description fields. No, the “SKU” identifiers in Appendix D do not need to be identified in Attachment 1.
30. Is the Minimum Qualifications Certification Form excluded from the 25-page limit?
31. Attachment 3 (Administrative Response) reads Mini-Bid # PBITS 20-003. Should this read Mini-Bid # PBITS 20-001?
: This was a typographical error and a revised version showing the correct PBITS Mini-Bid number will be reposted.
32. Attachment 4 (Checklist and Forms) has a title that reads on page 1 that reads PBITS 20-003. Should this read PBITS 20-001?

Answer: This was a typographical error and a revised version showing the correct PBITS Mini-Bid number will be reposted.
33. Attachment 4 (Checklist and Forms) lists CPO2 – Confidential Form (Attachment 11) as a required submission. Please provide this form, with an updated attachment number.
Answer: The CPO2 form is not a required form.
34. The Minimum Qualifications Certification lists “Must provide a Quality Assurance (QA) Specialist with a minimum of three (3) years’ experience leading QA teams on large system integration projects.” Is this a requirement?
The minimum qualification in question is not found inside the mini-bid. All minimum qualifications are stated in
Section 2.1.1
35. Section 3.7 of the bid states that contractor travel expenses will not be separately reimbursed. Will travel not be reimbursable even during the COVID pandemic?
Answer: Travel expenses are not reimbursable.
36. The PBITS contract has a mechanism for “No Cost Change Request”
(see: www.ogs.state.ny.us/purchase/snt/awardnotes/7360022772TemplatePage.pdf). Does NYSED reserves the right to reasonably amend a Fixed-Price Deliverable, without a cost increase?

Answer: Yes

37. Section 3.8 of the bid states that: “The retained amount shall be paid to Contractor upon the occurrence of the following:” and includes the following: Acceptance by SED of all Deliverables for services under this agreement. Does that mean that the total retainage for the vendor selected under this bid will accumulate over the term of the contract (12 months) and be released at the end of the contract after all of the contractor’s Deliverables are accepted?
38. We have found that dividing the deliverables into multiple payments has been effective and beneficial for all parties in the past, is NYSED open to this approach?
Answer: No. Please see mini-bid for payment process.
39. Should there be a section in Attachment 1 (Financial Proposal) for deliverable FPMS-01 (Periodic Reports)? If not, where should we record the total hours needed?
Answer: Deliverable FPMS-01 has been amended to better handle the deliverable of on-going reporting.
40. The underlying PBITS Contract states (VIII. Monthly MWBE Contractor Compliance Report, A): “Where OGS determines that the Contractor is not in compliance with the requirements of this Contract, and the Contractor refuses to comply with such requirements, or if it is found to have willfully and intentionally failed to comply with the MWBE participation goals set forth in the Contract, the Contractor shall be obligated to pay liquidated damages to OGS.” Is this term/condition in effect for the agreement resultant from MINI-BID # PBITS 20-001?
41. Page 2 of the bid states “For purposes of this procurement, NYS Education Department hereby establishes an overall goal of 30% of the total contract amount for M/WBE participation, in any percentage combination for Minority-Owned Business Enterprises (“MBE”) participation and for Women-Owned Business Enterprises (“WBE”) participation based on the current availability of qualified MBEs and WBEs.” Does this mean, for example, that a single NYS Certified MBE could fulfill the entirety of the 30% goal?

42. Reference: 5 NYCRR 142.4(d), relating to utilization plans, which provides that “Certified minority- or women-owned business enterprises may list themselves on utilization plans toward the achievement of prescribed certified minority- and women-owned business enterprise contract goals.” Question: If a prime bidder on this project is themselves an NYS Certified MBE or WBE, would that satisfy the overall goal of 30%?
43. If the Prime is an MWBE, do the "MWBE Cover Letter", "MWBE100", "MWBE 102", "EEO 100", "MWBE 105", and "MWBE 101" forms on the checklist in Attachment 4 (NYSED Checklist and Forms) need to be filled out?
44. Reference: Legislation enacted in 2015 modifying the definition of Best Value in NYSFL 163(1)(j) to allow for “quantitative factor for offerors” who are MWBEs. Question: Some recent PBITS bids have levered the application of quantitative technical evaluation factors to encourage MWBE, SBE and SDVOB prime participation. For example, one agency recently issued a PBITS Lot #2 bid implemented the following language: “Where the total evaluation criteria are worth 100 points, weighted 30% cost and 70% technical, a Bidder that is an MWBE, SBE or SDVOB will be awarded 3.5 out of 100 points, representing 5% of the 70% technical scale. If no responsive Bidder is an MWBE, SBE, or SDVOB, then no quantitative factor points will be awarded.” Would NYSED consider including similar language to encourage MWBE prime participation?
45. It is understood that the purpose of the project includes technical assistance with the migration, cleansing, and conversion of data from the current system as well as a gap analysis on the related document storage system. Can NYSED provide information on any known data issues that may exist that will need to be included as part of the data cleansing efforts?
: NYSED will provide insight into data issue that have been discovered as part of the deliverables laid out in section 2.4.
46. It is stated that the current PMIS has been in use for over 30 years. Can you also provide current sizing details on the data (e.g., records, tables) as well as any existing archive rules. Does NYSED intend to bring all of the data over from the current system?

Answer: Currently it is anticipated that all data residing will be migrate, however NYSED is open to discussion of excluding
47. Reference is made to a project timeline shown in Section 2.1, which includes an anticipated start date of April 1, 2021 and an approximate length in contract term of 12 months. Can NYSED also provide a copy of their current project timeline as well as any data conversion/migration milestone expectations
NYSED does not currently have an estimated timeline currently and the vendor is expected to provide that per
deliverable FPMS-02.
48. Will the data conversion require changes to the new target Oracle database? Can you provide information about the tables and elements of the new Oracle database?
We don't anticipate changes to the new Oracle, however NYSED is open to amending that if needed.
49. With the current shelter-at-home orders and most business offices closed, will NYSED consider waiving the notary requirement for forms in this proposal?
Answer: No, a notary is required on documents that state it is required.
50. A QA Specialist is listed under 2.1.2 Preferred Qualifications and also listed as a requirement in Attachment 4, Checklist in the Minimum Qualifications Certification. Can NYSED please clarify if a QA Specialist should have been listed under Minimum Bidder Qualifications?
Brad will follow up with CAU - looks to be a typo on Attachment 4
51. The instruction indicates that there should be four responses, but the outline consists of five items. Can NYSED please clarify what the four separate responses are?
There are four responses: (a) NYSED Checklist and Forms, including Administrative Response (b) Technical Proposal, including Minimum Qualifications Certificate and Contractor References,, (c) Financial Proposal, and, (d) M/WBE proposal. Please follow order of submission in ATTACHMENT 4

52. Should this set of documents be a separate response or should it be included with the Administrative Proposal package? Can NYSED please clarify?
Please see preceding answer.
53. The numbering of sections in Section 4.2 of the mini-bid and in Att.4, Checklist is not the same. Can NYSED please clarify which is the prescribed format that vendors should follow?
Answer: Please see preceding answer.
54. The Title of the Mini-Bid is: PMIS Data Consolidation Services. On Attachment 2–Contractor References, NYSED states the following: "Submit a total of THREE (3) references for the Bidder relevant to IV&V experience. “Please clarify the intent of the contractor references if they must be IV&V specifically, or that the references may demonstrate Data Consolidation Services, which have two different meanings.
Correct, reference should be to Data Consolidation Services.
55. Due to the ensuing COVID-19 pandemic, is NYSED open to the project team, or some members of the team working remotely?
Answer: NYSED is open to vendor staff working remotely while the offices are under a work-from-home policy. However,
once the Governor’s office gives the indication that staff should be reporting back to their respective offices, we expected the vendor to be on site as well.
56. Please confirm that NYSTEC is precluded from this work
Answer: This was a typographical error and any reference to NYSTEC will be removed.
57. With Clipper/Dbase being an older technology, do the resources need to have this particular skillset or does NYSED have someone available to handle the work?
Answer: NYSED no longer has an available Clipper resource, however for the data migration Clipper experience would be helpful, but not mandatory

58. It sounds like your PMIS system is about Capital Planning (identifying and approving the projects for the upcoming fiscal year(s). Why are you building a custom application for this and not using Oracle’s Unifier solution or other similar solutions?
Answer: A decision was made to go with a custom system as no current COTS product was deemed to not handle the
specialized rules of the program area.
59. Is NYSED incorporating a process to include the Survey and Assessment information and/or other data sources as part of the Capital Planning lifecycle?
Answer: There are no plans currently to include integration with other external systems.
60. Are there other IT vendors involved in this project or related to this project?
There are no other IT vendors involved or related to this project
61. Please provide information on how the one year project duration was arrived at?
We estimated based on similar sized and scoped projects that have been done by the department
62. Did NYSED have assistance from an outside vendor to write this RFP?
No, this was done solely by internal NYSED staff
63. Who is the NYSED Project Manager?
Project Manager from the state side has not been determined at this time.
64. Is this project federal or state funded?
This is a state-funded project.
65. What is the budget line for this project?
CAU will not provide this information at this time.
66. How much experience does state staff have with the new application?

Answer: System is undergoing user-acceptance testing and has not been fully rolled out for use at this time.
67. What version of Oracle is being used?
Oracle 12c
68. Is there any preliminary data related artifacts currently developed (data dictionary, source to target mapping, etc.)?
Some items have been built or are in the process of being built. What is available can be shared upon request.
69. Are there any additional privacy laws that the vendor would need to be aware of beyond the standard NYS security guidelines?
No additional privacy laws are applicable at this time.
70. Will the state provide laptops to consultants for the project?
That can be discussed depending on availability and procurement timeframes.
71. Will the state consider an extension of the bid submission date?
Because of modifications to the PBITS Mini-bid, response will be due by 11:59 PM on 1/27/21.
72. Please provide the following legacy data system metrics:
    a. Volume (in Gb) or legacy data
    b. Number of tables and/or files
    c. Total number of rows and/or records

Answer: Current system is divvied into ‘Upstate’ and ‘NYC’ with the following sizes:
                - 55 program files
                - DBF files total to about 131 MB between the 8 tables. Tables are not normalized or relational.
                - Main table it has 237 columns and about 80k records

                - 32 program files
                 - 7 DBF files totaling a little over 100mb
                 - ~53K records in the NYC projects table
73. Please provide the following information about NYS data resources who will support the Data Conversion:
    a. Number of NYS Data resources available to support the Data Conversion and Migration Process
    b. Expected utilization (by percentage) for each
    c. Pertinent skills for each

    a. At least 2 IT and 4 program-area resources would initially be available, but more could be depending on questions
    b. Not sure what is meant by that - need follow up
    c. IT staff are developers familiar with the current and new systems and program are staff are the end-users for each
74. How many New System Business Analysis and Data Analysis experts will be provided by the state for consultation?
NYSED does not have data analysis experts for this system, but current IT and program-area resources are available
75. Does the client currently have a system of Data Stewards or Data Custodians in place?
Due to loss of resources, NYSED does not have an individual that can act in that capacity.
76. Given the current COVID situation, are we able to submit digital signatures in lieu of ink signatures for all forms?
Due to the current situation, digital signature is allowed.

77. Can NYSED confirm that there is only one source system for data migration?
There are two distinct sources consisting of Upstate and NYC data
78. Is it expected that during the conversion, there will be situations where a data element from the source system will be split into multiple data elements in the target system?
Yes, that could be a possibility.


Last Updated: January 13, 2021