Facilities Planning

Important Dates for Schools


Due Date



Public school facilities safety has been controlled by Commissioner's Regulations since early 1920's

October 1, 1925

First known publication of "School Buildings and Grounds Laws, Rules, and information relating to building construction - School Building Pamphlet 1 PDF Icon Image (4,050KB) see Manuals and Guidelines under Publications and Articles.


Manual of Planning Standards PDF Icon Image (583KB) governed most public school construction after 1965


Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 PDF Icon Image (176KB) requires access for the disabled to all programs in school districts receiving federal aid.

January 1, 1984

New York State Uniform Fire Prevention and Building Code became effective January 1, 1984


Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 to be complied with by January 26, 1995 PDF Icon Image (176KB)

ADA requires the provision of access be non-discriminatory. See News Letter # 25 for more details.
- The district must have an ADA point person to coordinate access issues since 1/26/92, they must also have an ADA grievance procedure,
- The district must have an ADA transition plan on file as of 7/26/92, and
- The district must have an ADA self evaluation of needs on file since 1/26/93.
- The district must provide classrooms at each grade level, all activity spaces, at least one of each unique program space and public functions be accessible by January 26, 1995.

March 1, 2001

2000-2001 Extraordinary School Capital Needs Program Aid Worksheet Due

March 19, 2001
Please note this date!

Ed Law 408.b public and private school plans required to be turned over to local fire and law enforcement officials March 19, 2001

May 24, 2001

Building Condition Survey Reports

July 1, 2001

Pesticide Neighbor Notification Requirements

July 1, 2001

SAVE -School Safety Plans

July 1, 2001

RESCUE Five-Year Capital Facilities Plan

July 9, 2001

AHERA Triennial Reinspection

August 1, 2001

2000-2001 Extraordinary School Capital Needs Program Aid Worksheet Due

November 15, 2001

Annual Visual Inspections must be completed by school districts. (see submission deadline below)

January 15, 2002

Annual Visual Inspections must be submitted by school districts. (see completion deadline above)

July 3, 2002 


Final plans and specifications received by the Office of Facilities Planning may use either the present code or the new code for compliance and must use the new energy code.

December 30, 2002

All projects received for final review must be designed and fully compliant with the IBC, including the New York State enhancements. Projects received before that date, no matter what the backlog is or date they are reviewed, may still use either the present code or the new code for compliance, along with the new energy code if received after July 3, 2002. The SED Manual of Planning Standards will continue to be required for compliance in all public school construction.


Fire safety inspection Zone due dates  Word icon (485KB) month by month. This information is included in the Manual of Public School Facility Fire Prevention and Fire Inspection and starts in Appendix A on page 17.
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