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Face-to-Face Request

August 2018

Face to face reviews are only appropriate for substantial projects that include complicated additions and alterations, or complex new construction projects.

They are not intended to reduce the time that a project will wait for review, but rather, decrease the review time once the review has started by allowing face to face discussions about the project.  This reduces the time necessary for facilities staff to become familiar with important code aspects of the project.

After a project review number is assigned, a face to face review will be set up for a future date when it is estimated that the project would normally come up for review.  This will allow firms to continue to improve documents prior to the review. 

Requests must be submitted with the information necessary for facilities staff to determine if a face to face review is appropriate for a particular project.  Requests will be denied without supporting documentation or if we do not believe the project is appropriate for a face to face review.  You must indicate in the e-mail that you are enclosing/attaching all documentation proving the request meets all requirements or the request will be denied without further action. 

Submit requests for face to face reviews to Anthony Ghent at anthony.ghent@nysed.gov.


The face-to-face reviews will only apply to projects that are new buildings, building additions, or Alterations - Level 3.  Alterations - Level 3 projects must meet the definition provided in the 2015 International Existing Building Code , Chapter 5, Section 505, which is:

Level 3 alterations apply where the work area exceeds 50 percent of the of the building.


Thank you for your cooperation.


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Last Updated: March 26, 2019