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Newsletter 124 PDF Image Icon 01/28/16

Smart Schools Bond Act Funding

Carbon Monoxide Requirements

Newsletter 123 PDF Image Icon 08/25/15

Potential Gap in Pocket (Stacking) Area Coverage for Certain Electrically Operated partition Safety Systems

New Cooling Tower Registration Requirements

New York State Labor Law: Mold Assessment and Remediation Requirements

Building Permits Required for Demolition

Mandated School District Health and Safety Committee

Radon and Schools

AHERA Inspections and Recordkeeping Reminders

Launching the On-Line Fire Safety Reporting System - Tips and Reminders

Facilities Planning Staff Telephone and Email

Public Libraries in New York State

Newsletter 122 PDF Image Icon 07/23/15

Building Code of NYS: Carbon Monoxide Detection and Alarms in Commercial Buildings

Launching the On-Line Fire Inspection Reporting System - UPDATE

Green Ribbon Schools Award Program

AHERA Inspections and Housekeeping

Newsletter 121a PDF Image Icon 07/17/15

Special Green Ribbon Edition

  • Application Cycle Open
  • 2012-2014 Green Ribbon Honoree Articles

Newsletter 121 PDF Image Icon 06/03/15

Smart Schools Bond Act - Update

New On-Line Fire Inspection Reporting System

OSHA Hazard Communication Standard: Safety Data Sheets (SDS)

NYS Mold Inspector Licensing, Assessment, & Remediation Law

NYS OPRHP Project Review-Based on Letter of Resolution

Discarded Computer Equipment & Fire Hazard

NYS Schools Recognized With AIA Excelsior Award

AHERA: Are Your Records Up-to-Date

Winter Weather, Concrete Heaves & Egress Issues

Fire Alarm Pull Station Protective Covers

Wicks Reform Clarification

Selling School Buildings and EXCEL Funding

Carbon Monoxide Alarms and Commercial Buildings

Newsletter 120 PDF Image Icon 04/15/15

New On-Line Fire Inspection Report System

NYSDEC Regulatory Revision for Storage Tanks and Tank Operators

Protecting Vital Records from Spring Floods

Public Water System (Disruptions) in New York State

Updated Letter of Intent Forms

Newsletter 119 PDF Image Icon 02/09/15

A Difficult Lesson - Not to be Repeated

Indoor Temperature Requirement Reminder

Electronics Recycling: Follow-up Reminder

Marking an Anniversary at the EPA

Sports Fields and Integrated Pest Management (IPM)

New On-Line Fire Safety Report System Update

Newsletter 118 PDF Image Icon 12/31/14

When is a Building Permit Required?

Annual Visual Inspection (AVI) and Building Condition Survey (BCS) Requirements

Facilities Planning Staff Change

Seasonal Reminder: Snow Loads

Electronic Project Reviews

Level 1 Alteration Project Submissions

Green Ribbon Schools Update

AHERA Short-Term Worker Notification Reminder

NYSED, NYPA, NYSERDA, and Solar Energy

The Broken Thermometer: Lessons Learned

Newsletter 117 PDF Image Icon 11/06/14

Remembering East Coldenham Elementary School

Facilities Planning Staff Change

Ebola and School Facility Issues

2015 NYS Green Ribbon School Application Open

U.S. Chemical Safety Board Warning Against Use of Methanol During Clrm Demonstrations

Smart School Bond Act of 2014 Update

New On-Line Fire Safety System Preview

US EPA Energy Savings Plus Health: Indoor Air Quality Guidelines for School Building Upgrades

NYSED Email Addresses

Spontaneous Combustion: A Critical Reminder and Lessons Learned

EPA School Flag Program

Door Chocks

Newsletter 116 PDF Image Icon 09/09/14

NYSED Updates

Annual Visual Inspection (AVI) and Building Condition Survey (BCS) Update

ADA and Evacuation Planning

Revised NYSED Manual of Planning Standards

Preparing for Changes to the NYSED FIre Safety System

Smart Schools Bond Act of 2014 Update

National Preparedness Month

Newsletter 115 PDF Image Icon 06/26/14

Certificate of Occupancy Process Changes

Updated Manual of Planning Standards Draft - Comment Reminder

Final Cost Report Due Date Issues

NYS Law Chapter 85, Laws of 2010 Pesticide Use

Smart Schools Bond Act of 2014

Clean Air Standards for Area Source Boilers

Public Schools Leased to Private Entities: Certificates of Occupancy

School Laboratory Safety Reminder

Energy Independence and Security Act of 2007: Building a Better Light Bulb

National Weather Service Lightning Safety Awareness

Newsletter 114 PDF Image Icon 04/08/14

Updated Manual of Planning Standards Draft

Carbon Monoxide Detector Study Law Enacted

U.S. Ed Green Ribbon Schools Nominee

Project Review Backlog and Updated Review Procedure

60th Anniversary Remembrance: Cleveland Hill

EPA: Reduction of Lead in Drinking Water Act

Changes at NY Assoc. for Supt. of School Buildings & Grounds

Application for Apportionment of Building Aid

Newsletter 113 PDF Image Icon 12/19/13

EPA Guidance on PCB-containing Light Fixtures

NYSAFE and School Security

Americans with Disabilities Act Guidance Materials

Integrated Pest Management

AHERA Short Term Worker Notification Reminder

NYS OGS On-Line Green Cleaning Courses

Hazard Communication Safety Data Sheets

Fire Protection Systems Out of Service

Newsletter 112 PDF Image Icon 12/19/13

Preparing for Severe Weather

2013 Annual Visual Inspection

Flag Display Policies

Renovating Roofs

Integrated Pest Management

Green Ribbon Schools Program Reminder

Security Guards in Schools

AHERA Triennial Reporting Reminder

Annual Notifications

Newsletter 111 PDF Image Icon 9/11/13

Multi-Year Cost Allowance


Excelsior Awards

Green Ribbon Schools Program

Fire Drills

Vermiculite: Asbestos Bulk Samples

Revised Asbestos Abatement Project Clearance Air Samples

Navigating FEMA Public Assistance

Change Orders - Site Review Projects

Fire Safety Report Submission Reminders

Newsletter 110 PDF Image Icon 6/26/13

Welcome New Staff - Mary Sansaricq

Retirement - Tom Robert
Early Aid Request Form

AHERA 2013 Re-inspection

LOI Reminders and Tips for Project Submissions

NYSAFE Act and Facilities Planning Guidance

Newsletter 109  9/11/12 (html)

Newsletter 109  PDF Image Icon  9/11/12
Welcome New Staff - Jean Beaudet
Project Submissions
Vermiculite - Asbestos Containing
Accessible Pools - Means of Entry and Exit

New Final Cost Report Process

Late Final Cost Report Forgiveness

Newsletter 108  3/28/12 (html)

Newsletter 108  PDF Image Icon  3/28/12
New Forms Workbooks
New Fire Safety Reports
Discovered Buildings – Code Compliance
Contract Allowance for Special Inspections

Newsletter 107
  7/19/11 (html)

Newsletter 107  PDF Image Icon  7/19/11
FP-F form revised
Qualified School Construction Bond Awards
Asbestos Material Testing

Newsletter 106
- 5/3/11 (html)

Newsletter 106 - 5/3/11 (pdf)

Building Condition Survey submission extension

Project submissions notes

Resolutions 101


Potential PCB contamination in schools

Wage rates

Electrically operatied partitions reminder

Smart Growth Public Infrastructure Policy Act

Newsletter 105 - 10/5/10 (html)

Newsletter 105 - 10/5/10 (pdf)

Housekeeping items

Post-bid addenda

Reorganization Incentive Building Aid

Significant change to the Historic Preservation Project Review Process

Electronic review addenda

Change or certification form revised

Evaluating ventilation air

Preliminary project review

Project review reminder

Stadium light pole recall

Newsletter 104 - 7/13/10

Newsletter 104 - 7/13/10 (pdf)

Housekeeping items
Face-to-Face reviews
Building Condition Survey and structural stability

Compliance and permits: need to submit required survey documents
Steel shipping containers used for storage buildings
Temporary greenhouses
Complete, Coordinated, Code Compliant submissions
AHERA air sampling requirements in dirt crawlspaces

Newsletter 103 - 3/4/10

Newsletter 103 - 3/4/10 (pdf)

Housekeeping items
Qualified Zone Academy Bonds
Construction by school staff
SHPO responses
EXCEL projects
Electronic review issues
Measurement nd verification for energy performance contracts
Third party certification for energy performance contracts
Expedited reviews
Maintenance equipment purchased as part of a capital project
Persons/firms eligible to perform the building condition survey

Newsletter 102 - 2/3/10

Newsletter 102 - 2/3/10 (pdf)

Change order backlog
Roll your plans, please!
Districtwide vs. district-wide projects
Electronic reviews
EPA lead certification rule

Acrylic skylights

AVI reminder

Occupancy sensors and lighting controls in the means of egress

ARRA funds
Building Condition Survey 2010: Q&A
Displaying the flag

Newsletter 101 - 12/23/09
Electronic Reviews
Issues regarding Folding partitions/doors
Submission Paperwork
Environmentally Sensitive Cleaning and Maintenance Products

Concession Stands
Locking Gang toilets II
Photovoltaic Panel Systems
2009 AVI
2010 BCS
2009-2010 Regents State Aid proposals

Newsletter 100 - html 10/1/09 (minor revision 11/3/09)

Newsletter 100 - (PDF) 10/1/09 (minor revision 11/3/09)

Change orders
Submission documents
Proof of licensure
Air sampling in dirt crawl spaces (AHERA)
Soap and water (hand washing)
Discussion with Regents on facilities

Newsletter 99 - 7/29/09
Change orders
Changes in scope
Canceling projects
Foam roofs
Press boxes
Pool drains

Newsletter 98 - 6/27/09
Substantial completion
Bus garages
Asbestos licenses
Additions and firewalls
Building area vs. fire area
Electronic review reminders
Face-to-face reviews
Emergency boiler shutdown
Emergency lights

Newsletter 97 - 2/2/09
Facilities Planning Electronic Plan and Specification Review and Approval System, statewide training tour

Newsletter 96 - 1/15/09
New team member: Rosanne Groff
Backlog update
Foam roofs and building aid
WWW.NYALERT.GOV External Link Icon

Newsletter 95 - 3/3/08
Project backlog
Final submission update: financial item
AHERA - Surveillance Requirement Reminder
Fire Protection Rated Glazing

Newsletter 94 - 1/7/08

Project backlog and EXCEL
Accoustical Environment - Change to Manual of Planning Standards
Flag protocols
Building aid on paving reconstruction projects

Newsletter 93 – 11/29/07

Get to Know us Better
Agency Inspection Requirements
2007 Annual Visual Inspection Report
Counterfeit "Square D" Circuit Breaker Recall

Newsletter 92 – 10/19/07

Adoption of the 2007 Codes of New York State
Hardware Specifications
Annual Visual Inspections

Newsletter 91 – 9/26/07
Word Image Icon (101KB)
Heating Season Already
Cleaning Kitchen Exhaust Hoods
Vaults for Regents Examination Storage

Newsletter 90 – 8/16/07

Get to Know us Better
Survey Results - Environmentally Sensitive Products for Schools
Revisions to Asbestos Final Air Clearance Requirements
September - Uniform Safety Standards

Newsletter 89 - 7/31/07
High Performance School Guidelines
Daisy-chaining Power Strips and Surge Suppressors
Public School Health and Safety Committees

Newsletter 88 – 6/25/07

Protocol for Addressing PCB’s in Caulk
Tying Down Shipping Containers
Magnetic Door Hold Open Devices and Smoke Detectors

Newsletter 87 – 5/21/07

Manual of Planning Standards Update
Fire Separations at Science Labs, Vocational Technology Shops, and Art Rooms
Fire Extinguisher Maintenance

Newsletter 86 – 4/10/07
Final Building Project Reports (AKA Final Cost Reports)
Capital Construction Projects Final Cost Report Status
Final Building Project Report Info
Helpful Hints for Completing Final Building Project Reports (FCR)
2006 Uniform Fire Prevention and Building Code

Newsletter 85 – 3/26/07
Maintenance Contracts AKA Maintenance Warranties
Pre-renovation Asbestos Reports

Newsletter 84 – 2/16/07
Summer Projects
Training Course for School Fire Safety Inspectors
Fire Rated Glass

Newsletter 83 – 1/12/07
Happy Returns
Vehicle Lift Safety Tips
Submissions Forms Workbook and Code Compliance Checklist Both Updated
Energy Savings
Classroom Design

Newsletter 82 – 12/20/06
AHERA 2007 Re-inspection Reminder Update
Elevator and Platform Lift Maintenance, Inspection and Testing
Elevator Specific Requirements
Platform Lift Specific Requirements

Newsletter 81 – 11/20/06
Get to Know us Better
Rescue Windows
Classroom Windows and Visual Environment

Newsletter 80 – 10/24/06
Annual Visual Inspections
New Law Regarding School Inspection
EPA Environmental Workshops for Schools

Newsletter 79 – 9/20/06
Get to Know us Better
Fire Safety of Press Boxes
Heating Season Already

Newsletter 78 – 8/16/06
Definition of “Primary Purpose” for EXCEL Funding
Training Course for School Fire Safety Inspectors
Which Projects DO NOT Require Building Permits
Environmentally Sensitive Products for Schools

Newsletter 77 – 7/26/06
EXCEL (Expanding our Children’s Education and Learning)
Kitchen Fire Ratings in School Buildings
Which Projects Require Building Permits
Summer Construction Schedule and Continuing in September

Newsletter 76 – 6/7/06
Building Condition Survey Announcement
Electrically Operated Partition Maintenance
Energy Performance Contract (EPC) Request for Proposal (RFP) Requirements

Newsletter 75 – 5/19/06
Get to Know us Better
Face to Face Review Appointments
Fire Alarm System Visual Notification Appliance Requirements
Addendum Reminders

Newsletter 74 – 4/20/06
Fire Alarm System Visual Notification Appliance Requirements
Final Building Project Reports (AKA Final Cost Reports)
Capital Construction Projects Final Cost Report Status
Final Building Project Report Info
Helpful Hints for Completing Final Building Project Reports

Newsletter 73 – 3/6/06
Face to Face Review Appointments
NYSERDA $mart Forum
Wire Glass
Environmentally Sensitive Products for Schools

Newsletter 72 – 2/16/06
Get to Know us Better
Building Condition Survey Reminder
Vehicle Lifts
Health Concern from High Intensity Metal Halide and Mercury Vapor Lighting

Newsletter 71 – 1/09/06
SED Requirements for Emergency Lighting for Educational (E) Occupancies
Existing Construction
Evaluating Existing Emergency Lighting Systems Renovation
New Construction, Addition, Alteration, Reconstruction, and Change of Occupancy

Newsletter 70 – 12/16/05
Water Closet Compartment Sizes
Testing Caulk for PCBs
NYSERDA’s Energy Savings Tips
Lowering Thermostat Temperatures

Newsletter 69 – 11/22/05
Substantial Completion form, FP-CSC 4/2005
Energy Conservation
Environmentally Sensitive Products for Schools
Change Orders

Newsletter 68 – 10/27/05
Special Inspections
Building Operator Certification
Size of Boiler Rooms
SEQR  - Environmental Impact Statement

Newsletter 67 – 9/16/05
Get to Know us Better
SEQR Clarification
Post Fire Inspection Meetings
State Education Law 408-b Reminder

Newsletter 66 – 8/16/05
PCB Contamination
Asbestos Certification
Heating Season Already
Health and Safety Committee Reminder

Newsletter 65 – 7/21/05
Get to Know us Better
Use of PVC and CPVC Piping
Code Compliance Checklist
Summer Construction, September Completion, Continuing in September

Newsletter 64 – 6/27/05
Building Condition Survey
Hot Weather vs. Temperatures of School Buildings
Structural Design
Short-Term Worker Asbestos Notification Reminder
Security Badges

Newsletter 63 - 5/27/05
New Evaluation of Existing Building form, FP-EEB 5/2005
Informational Brochures on Mercury in Schools
Cesspools and Ground Water
Storm Water Management Model

Newsletter 62 - 4/27/05
Fire Safety Certification
Labeling Emergency Lights
Competitive Bidding
Get the Lead Out
New Certificate of Substantial Completion form, FP-CSC 4/2005

Newsletter 61 – 3/21/05
Awning Rescue Windows
“Panic” Hardware vs. “Fire Bolt” Hardware
Window Cleaning Safety Devices
Truss Identification Regulations

Newsletter 60 – 2/26/05
Quick Approval of Projects - Forms
Evaluation of Existing Building
Code Compliance Checklist
A/E Contact Information
Energy Conservation Code Checklist

Newsletter 59 – 1/21/05
Get to Know us Better
Requesting Prevailing Wage Rate Schedules
Smoke Detectors
Vehicle Lifts Investigation

Newsletter 58 – 12/17/04
Mold in Schools
2006 Building Condition Survey
Toilet & Urinal Deodorizer Ban
Short-Term Worker Asbestos Notification Reminder
Facilities Planning Web Site

Newsletter 57 – 11/17/04
Mercury Q&A for Schools
Compliance of Vehicle Lifts
Professional Seals
Pesticide Applications in Public and Nonpublic School Buildings and Grounds

Newsletter 56 – 10/25/04
Catastrophic Structural Failure, Continued
Air Conditioner/Heat Pump Recall
From the Harvard School of Public Health
Prevailing Wage Rates

Newsletter 55 – 9/23/04
Manual of Planning Standards Update
Catastrophic Structural Failure
Rescue Compliance
Reminder - Minimum Temperature in Schools
SHPO, SEQR, and Bond Authorization

Newsletter 54 – 8/13/04
155.5 Reminder for September
Clarification on Five-Year Plan Summary
Annual Visual Inspections
Upholstered Furniture

Newsletter 53 – 7/22/04
Get to Know us Better
Suspected Terrorist Activity
Mercury Banned in Schools
SED Anti-Virus Protection
AHERA 2004 Reinspection Reminder Update

Newsletter 52 – 6/28/04
Great News
Executive Summary Reminder
Project With Multiple Buildings
Face-to-Face Review Appointments

Newsletter 51 – 5/17/04
School Facility Report Card
Change to the Five-Year Capital Facilities Plan
Non-Conformances Form
Decoration Reminder
Addendum Reminder
Accessible lockers in Schools
Face-to-Face Review Appointments

Newsletter 50 – 4/19/04
Engineer Position Available
Public School Fire Safety Report
Certificates of Substantial Completion & Public School Fire Safety Report
Use of Shipping Containers As Storage Facilities
Face-to-Face Review Appointments

Newsletter 49 – 3/24/04
Face-to-Face Review Appointments
Executive Summary of Five-Year Capital Facilities Plan
Inclined Wheelchair Lifts and Evacuation Devices
Clarification for Boiler Room Vestibules

Newsletter 48 – 2/27/04
Get to Know us Better
Face-to-Face Review Appointments
Post-Bid Addenda
Project Descriptions
Workers in Construction Areas vs. SAVE

Newsletter 47 – 1/16/04
Get to Know us Better
Face-to-Face Review Appointments
Factory Manufactured Buildings
AHERA 2004

Newsletter 46 – 12/30/03
Get to Know us Better
Face-to-Face Review Appointments
Utility outages and Emergency Management Plans
Asbestos Abatement Issues New Staff

Newsletter 45
– 11/30/03
New Project Submission Requirements
1. Dual Review Process
2. Face-to-face Review Process
3. Infrastructure Review Process
Overview of Changes
New Staff

Newsletter 44 – 10/27/03
Utility Outage
Athletic Competition and Sports Facility Design
Reminder - Minimum Temperature in Schools

Newsletter 43 – 9/10/03
Changes at Facilities Planning
Four New Positions
Five-Year Capital Facilities Plan
Use of Indoors Pyrotechnics (Fireworks)
Fill for Athletic Fields
Asbestos Designer’s Qualifications

Newsletter 42 – 8/15/03
Certificates of Substantial Completion
Electric Folding Partitions
Speeding Up the Review Process/Reduce the Backlog
Site Design – the Fire Code of New York State

Newsletter 41 – 7/10/03
Special Inspections
Alternative to an Elevator Vestibule
Commissioner's 155.5 Regulations and the Exiting Plan During Construction

Newsletter 40 – 6/23/03
Fire Alarm Pull Stations
The NAME - Uniform Fire Prevention and Building Code
Structural Requirements
Code Compliance Checklist vs. the Backlog

Newsletter 39 – 5/19/03
Changes at Facilities Planning
Roof R-Value
Reminder to Architectural/Engineering firms regarding complete design packages
Update on Mold Information
Revised Code Compliance Checklist

Newsletter 38 – 4/08/03
Door Wedges Continued
Pool Locker Room Exits
Health Department Inspection
Using the International Building Code

Newsletter 37 – 3/07/03
Minimum Temperature in Schools
Mold in School Facilities
Using the International Building Code

Newsletter 36 – 2/07/03
Get to Know Us Better
Fire Inspections, Annual and Initial Certificates of Occupancy
Using the International Building Code

Newsletter 35 – 1/8/03
Get to Know Us Better
Change Order Certification Information
Electric Latch Retraction
Using the International Building Code

Newsletter 34 – 12/13/02
Get to Know Us Better
Up-to-date Forms
Building in Floodplains
Using the International Building Code

Newsletter 33 – 11/13/02
Get to Know Us Better
Your Building Permit (and how to apply for an extension)
Using the International Building Code

Newsletter 32 – 10/24/02
Get to Know Us Better
Building Access Control Devices, 9/24/02 (Electromagnetic Locking Devices)
Ban on the use of CCA Pressure-Treated Lumber
Using the International Building Code

Newsletter 31 – 9/16/02
Get to Know Us Better
Electrically Operated Partitions
Using the International Building Code

Newsletter 30
– 8/08/02
Get to Know Us Better
New Forms
Energy Performance Contracts
BOCES Form A’s
Using the International Building Code

Newsletter 29 – 7/17/02
Get to Know Us Better
Change Order Certification
2002 Energy Conservation Construction Code of New York State
Opening Protectives – Fire Rated Doors and Windows
Using the International Building Code
One Copy of Submitted Documents

Newsletter 28 – 6/18/02
Get to Know Us Better
Change Orders - Again!
Final Building Project Reports
Using the International Building Code

Newsletter 27 – 5/06/02
Get to Know Us Better
Certificates of Substantial Completion (FP-CSC 97)
Buildings 50 Years or Older - SHPO and SEQRA
Retirement Party Invitation

Newsletter 26 – 4/10/02
Get to Know Us Better
Electrically Operated Partitions
Change Order Submissions
Ventilation Air Intakes

Newsletter 25
– 3/21/02
Get to Know Us Better
Accessibility of Existing Facilities
International Building Code is Adopted

Newsletter 24 - 2/14/02
Get to Know Us Better
Change Order Submissions
Regarding SHPO correspondence in the SEQRA process AND OUR NEW FORMS
Revised Code Compliance Checklist
Wood Playground Alert
New Engineer Position

Newsletter 23 - 1/14/02
Get to Know Us Better
2002-2003 Building Aid Data
Final Building Project Reports (AKA Final Cost Reports)
Asbestos Inspection Reminder

Newsletter 22
- 12/14/01
Get to Know Us Better
Pre-K or Day Care
Energy Design
Lead Investigation
Lead Leachate

Newsletter 21 - 11/15/01
Get to Know Us Better
SED’S Changing Role in the SEQRA and Building Permit Process
Annual Visual Inspections
Buckman Heights Elementary School
International Building Code
Newsletter Index

Newsletter 20 - 10/10/01
Get to Know Us Better
Backlog for Final Review of Plans
Final Cost Reports
Areas of Buildings

Newsletter 19 - 9/7/01
Get to Know Us Better
Vaults for storing Examination Materials
State Environmental Quality Review (SEQR) Changes

Newsletter 18 - 8/8/01
Get to Know Us Better
Accessibility for the Physically Impaired
Change Orders

Newsletter 17 - 7/12/01
Get to Know Us Better
Five New Positions
Boiler Room Doors
State Education Law 408-b Guidance

Newsletter 16 - 6/17/01
Get to Know Us Better
Air Intake Bulletin
155.5 Regulation section must be paper-clipped
Building Condition Survey Report Electronic Submission Update 6/4/1
Asbestos in Gypsum

Newsletter 15 - 5/9/01
Get to Know Us Better
Removing Asbestos Tile Mastic with Chemicals
Hand-Delivered Documents (such as Final Submissions or Addendae)
Addressing Your Addenda
Facilities Planning's New Address

Newsletter 14 - 4/6/01
Get to Know Us Better
New Revised Code Compliance Checklist 2/14/2001
Energy Performance Contract Guidelines
Revised Public School Fire Prevention and Inspection Manual
International Building Code

Newsletter 13 - 3/6/01
Electrically Operated Folding Partition Advisory
Get to Know Us Better
Final Submissions--Specifications

Newsletter 12 - 2/7/01
Get to Know Us Better
Energy Performance Contracts and 10% Building Aid Incentive
Ask One of Our Project Managers
Telephone Calls
New Procedures for Letter of Intent (LOI) Requests
Free Egress – Elevators and Chair Lifts

Newsletter 11 - 1/5/01
Regulation Revisions
Manual of Planning Standards
Fire Stopping
Accessibility for the Physically Impaired

Newsletter 10 - 12/6/00
Building Aid Units
Change Orders
Health and Safety Committee
Building Condition Survey

Newsletter 9 - 11/8/00
New Terminology: Building Aid Units (vs. Rated Capacity)
155.5 Uniform Safety Standards for School Const. and Maint. Projects
A plan detailing how exiting will be maintained
A plan detailing how adequate ventilation will be maintained
School Responsibilities Under 155.5

Newsletter 8 - 10/6/00
Change Orders
Addendum Coordination
Lead Paint - 8NYCRR 155.5 Regulation Requirements

Newsletter 7 - 9/7/00
Common Construction Document Ommissions
Suggestions to speed up reviews
Suggestions to improve speed up addendum approvals

Newsletter 6 - 8/10/00
Fire Alarms
Areas of Public Assembly
Incomplete Projects
Asbestos Designer

Newsletter 5 - 7/10/00
Code Review Checklist
Use Electronic Forms
Plastics - Acrylic
Translucent Roof Panels and Skylights
UL Design numbers

Newsletter 4 - 6/26/00
Fire Walls
Standardization of Equipment
Classroom size
Toilet Fixtures Quantity Determination
Manufactured Buildings

Newsletter 3 - 6/12/00
International Building Code
Fire Walls
Building Aid

Newsletter 2 - 5/29/00
Non-collusive Certification
Addendum Coordination
Fire Area Comments

Newsletter 1 - 5/19/00
Equivalency / Or Equal clause
Addendum Problems
Accessibility for the physically impaired
Code Compliance Checklist


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