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Electric Folding Partitions

Notice regarding June 1, 2003 deadline for the compliance with the safety requirements for electrically operated partitions. Those partitions that are currently electrically operated and will not meet the safety requirements by the June 1, 2003 deadline, must be rendered inoperable after that date. The partitions must not be operated and power to the motors must be locked out until such time the partitions comply with the additional safety requirements.

Important note: if a waiver for extension of time to comply with Commissioner's Regulation 155.25 was granted as a result of submitting a waiver request, it means that an extension was granted to install required equipment.  All safety procedures indicated in the waiver request were to have been implemented IMMEDIATELY by all schools regardless of waiver, waiver request status or status of project to implement safety upgrades to existing folding partitions.

Electric Folding Partitions Advisory Letter (08/07/02)
Electric Folding Partitions Notice (02/13/03)
Electric Folding Partitions Aid Claim Form PDF Image Icon(16KB) (08/07/02)
Electric Folding Partitions Installation Application PDF Image Icon (19KB) (08/07/02)
Commissioner's Regulations Section 155.25 - Safety requirements for electrically operated partitions (04/12/02)


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