Room Sizes for Special Education Classrooms

Newly constructed classrooms and ancillary space for special education shall meet the following criteria:

Option Room Size
(maximum) (square feet) Pupil Capacity 
I                         770                     15

II                        770                     15

III                       450                        6

IV                      900                     12

The various special education pupil classifications are defined in Section 200.6(f) of the Commissioner's Regulations.

- f(4) -- Option I -- pupils whose education needs consist primarily of specialized instruction.
- f(4)i -- Option II -- pupils whose management needs interfere with instruction to the extent that an additional adult, who is a paraprofessional, is needed.
- f(4)ii -- Option III -- pupils whose management needs are highly intensive and require a high degree of individualized instruction.
- f(iii) -- Option IV -- pupils with severe multiple handicaps whose class consist primarily of habilitation and treatment, and require a staff person for every three pupils in a class.

Ancillary Space --

Provide ancillary special education space equivalent to at least 1/4 of the area of a special education classroom for each special education classroom being constructed. This has the effect of providing an area equal to at least one classroom for each four special education classrooms being constructed.