Facilities Planning

Electrically Powered Partition Warning Signs Required

The Education Law was amended by adding a new section 409-d as follows:

409-d. Electrically operated partition and door safety. The board of education, trustees, principal or other person in charge of every public or private school or educational institution within the state, wherein classrooms or other facilities used by students are found to have electrically operated partitions, doors or room dividers, shall arrange for and require, that:

  1. Appropriate and conspicuous notice regarding the safe and proper operation and supervision of the electrical device operation such partition, door or room divider is posted in the immediate vicinity of the operating mechanism; and
  2. Establish a procedure for the notification of all school employees and all other persons who regularly make use of the area where such device is located in the safe and proper procedure for the operation of the mechanism.

This law was signed on June 23, 1992.




Last Updated: June 16, 2009