Facilities Planning

New Change Order Process


Due to the large volume of change orders received by Facilities Planning, it has become necessary for this office to review our current change order approval process. Our goal is record change orders on the computer and make their approval status available to school districts and architects/engineers via the internet. The new process is now fully implemented.  

Effective immediately (4/4/02), the Office of Facilities Planning will be requiring only one copy of change orders. Once approved by this office, the copy will be retained for our records. It will be the responsibility of the school district to notify the architect/engineer that the change order has been approved.

For those change orders that have already been submitted and included three copies, two copies of the approved change order will be returned to the district. It will again be the school district’s responsibility to forward the approved copy to the architect/engineer.

We are confident that the interim steps we are taking will continue to satisfy the needs of the school district and will also assist staff in the Office of Facilities Planning to handle the large volume of change orders in a more efficient manner.

Last Updated: May 19, 2009