Sample Pre-Construction Notification

DATE: (2 months prior to start of construction)

TO: Faculty and Staff

Parents, Legal Guardians, and Students

Other Concerned Parties


The ABC School District anticipates conducting a construction project commencing on (date). This project will be conducted at the Smith Elementary School, 100 School Street, Anytown, New York. The project will consist of the following. . .

Pursuant to Education Commissioner's Regulation 155.5(d), the ABC School District will provide a safe school environment throughout this project, including an update of the school emergency plan to reflect any temporary exits or procedures needed as a result of the construction work at the Smith Elementary School. Fire drills will be held to familiarize students and staff with any temporary exits. The construction area will be separated from occupied areas of the building, all construction workers will be required to wear photo identification badges, and noise levels will be kept to a minimum while the building is occupied. All applicable federal and State rules and regulations will be strictly adhered to throughout the length of this project.

Specific questions or concerns about this project may be directed to Jane Brown at (518) 333-3333.