School Governance, Policy, and Religious and Independent Schools

List Of Additional Initiatives Reported On Survey Of Cost-Effective Practices

(Other than those listed on the Survey) 


Reading Recovery

Arts In Education

Privatized OT/PT

Itinerant Staffing

Drug Awareness

Science Kits

Peer Leadership Program

College Conferences

After-school Study Center

Shared Courses

Goals 2000

Elementary Administrative Assistants

Home-School Coordination

Alternative Education Programs

Media Resources

Interest Bargaining

Merit Pay

Use of Teaching Assistants

  • Locating Vocational Education Courses within Business Community

Interagency Collaboration

Program for Pregnant Teenagers


Management Support

$MART Review (Comptroller's Office)

Snow Removal/Sanding

Public Information

Budget Information Document

Lighting Retrofit

Power Authority Energy Program

Employee Recruitment Service

Medicaid Reimbursement Reporting

Bus Replacement Plan

Bus Purchase Reserve Fund

Utilizing Large Capacity Buses

Shared Out-of-district Transportation

Drug & Alcohol Testing

Part-time Employment of Retirees

Security System

Grant Writer

Newspaper Advertising Co-operative

Bid Insurance

Cleaning Practices

Facilities Design Specialist

Risk Management

Emergency Communications

TRS Liability Payoff

Graphics and Laminating

Payroll and Accounting Software

Insurance Advisor

Energy Conservation

RFPs for Auditing Services, Insurance

Educational Foundation

Staff Cross-Training

Inventory Management

Interscholastic Athletics Coordination

Retirement Incentive

Substitute Calling Service

Managed Health Care

Sale of Surplus Property

Direct Deposit of Payroll and Checks

Shared Internet Service

Section 125 Cafeteria Benefits Plan

Flexible Spending Account

Contract Analysis

Film Library

In-district Data Processing

Computer Coordinator (thru BOCES)

Employee Benefits Cooperative

Last Updated: June 2, 2011