School Governance, Policy, and Religious and Independent Schools

Cost-Effectiveness In Terms Of Results/Resources

Same or Improved Results With Less Cost

1. Returning Spec. Ed. Students to Dist.

2. Staff Development

3. Shared Spec. Ed. Services

4. Teacher Centers

5. Use of Volunteers

1. Purchasing and Bidding

2. Self-Funded Workers’ Comp.

3. Health Insurance Consortium

4. Health and Safety Services: In-Dist.

5. Copying/Printing

Improved Results With Same Level of Resources

1. Cooperative Learning

2. Teacher Centers

3. Shared Decision-Making Councils

4. Staff Development

5. Multi-Disciplinary Curriculum

1. Investment

2. State-Aid Planning Services

3. Records Management

4. Purchasing and Bidding

5. Health and Safety Services: In-Dist.

Improved Results Which Outweigh Incremental Additional Costs

1. Instructional Computer Networks

2. Library Automation

3. Summer Remedial/Enrichment


4. Staff Development

5. School-to-Work Programs

1. State Aid Planning Services

2. Health/Safety Services: In-Dist.

3. Employee Relations

4. Records Management

5. Copying/Printing

QUESTION: In terms of the three criteria for identifying cost-effective practices, which criteria describes your initiative?

Last Updated: June 2, 2011