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This page contains old information and should be used for reference only.

NYSSI - The New York State Systemic Initiative focuses state activities to implement the Math, Science and Technology Standards.

The Mathematics, Science and Technology Resource Guide is presented as a working draft to provide opportunity for review and comment by the field. Part I is available on the WEB for those who have the capability to use this medium. Additional materials, including examples of assessments and experiences from each of the three disciplines, will be added by April 4th. One paper copy will be provided to each school district and BOCES as soon as they are printed.

In order to make the electronic version of the document easier to use and faithful to the format of the printed document we have:

  1. broken the large document into several sections with connecting links (below) to take you directly to each section. (This will prevent tying up your modem connection for extensive time.)
  2. placed the document in PDF format to preserve the actual format of the written document. See note below.

Hardware Requirements

Some of the learning experiences sections are very graphically intensive in order to show the detail of student work. As an example, the 28 Learning Standards file (1310K) took 10.5 minutes to download on a 486/66 PC using a 28.8 modem and Windows 3.11. It took 35 minutes to print on a Canon 600 InkJet printer. It took less than 5 minutes on a laser printer. Your experiences may vary. If you have lower end equipment, your experience will be considerably slower. Many older printers with limited graphics capabilities may not be able to print these sections. Other printers may run out of memory. You may be able to get around this by printing in smaller pieces.

We invite you to send comments to the State Education Department using the Reaction form provided in the last section (Review & Comment).

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Acknowledgements, Forward, Introduction


Best Practices: 5 Guiding Principles


Scope and Sequence


Scope and Sequence (continued)


Teaching/Learning Strategies


Learning Experiences: Seedlings


Learning Experiences: How Is This Disease Transmitted?; and The Parachute


Learning Experiences: Biology Career Exploration


Learning Experiences: Energy, Matter, & Organization; and Bioethics 647K

Learning Experiences: Math, Monarchs, & Metamorphosis; and Exploring Transformations 483K

Learning Experiences: Inverse (Indirect) Machines; and Statistics of the M&M Candy 794K

Learning Experiences: How Gear Systems Work 745K

Learning Experiences: Introduction to Flight 706K

Learning Experiences: Bill and Ted's Eggsellent Adventure 748K

Learning Experiences: Boat Hull Design 433K

Assessment Models in MST


Assessment Models (continued) 226K

Appendices 56K

MST Performance Indicators


The 28 Learning Standards


Reaction Form


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