Information and Reporting Services

Systems for Collecting & Reporting Data

BEDS (Basic Educational Data System)

IDEx (IRS Data Exchange)

Application for the secure exchange of data between NYSED and authorized users.

IRSP (Information and Reporting Services Portal)

Application for the secure distribution of protected personally identifiable information to authorized users.

L0H (Level 0 Historical)

Application for updating select data elements in records from prior school years via SIRS.

L1HC (Level 1 Host-Child relationships processing)

Application for Level 1 hosting sites to provide a list of LEAs for the current School Year on whose behalf they submit data to SIRS. Controls NYSSIS ID access and loading to L1C.

L2RPT (Level 2 Reporting Environment)

Verification reports for data submitted via SIRS, individual student reports, and other informational reports for ensuring data reporting accuracy.

Nonpublic Schools

Nonpublic schools will no longer report graduates and post secondary plans of graduates on the Graduation Report for Nonpublic Schools form.

NYSSIS (New York State Student Identification System)

System for assigning unique identification numbers to individual students.

School Safety and Educational Climate (SSEC) (formally VADIR and DASA)

Reports on incidents of discrimination and harassment as well as violent and disruptive incidents in districts and schools.

SEDCAR (Special Education Data Collection and Reporting Unit)

System for reporting Pupils with Disabilities (PD).

SEDDAS (State Education Department Delegated Account System)

System for enabling administrators of districts and schools to provision accounts for secure access to SED systems.

SIRS (Student Information Repository System)

System for collecting student demographic, programs, assessment, and enrollment data, as well as teacher/staff and course information.

UIAS (Unique Identifier Audit System)

System that alerts local education agencies to discrepancies in student enrollment records.

Vendor Support for Student Management Systems

Guidance for student management system vendors to update and maintain their systems to enable schools and districts to report data to SIRS.

Historic Systems

STEP (System for Tracking Education Performance)

System used from 2002 to 2006 to report and verify secondary-level assessment, graduation/transfer/post-graduate plan, and program services data.


Last Updated: September 15, 2020